When a soldier kills in battle can this be considered as murder?

It is necessary for us in contemplating this issue to advise ourselves first of all of the orderings in Creation as ordained by the Creative Will in God the Father.

The profession and duty of soldiering had to evolve on earth because of the imperative in the sacred  duty to protect and defend the fatherland, the land of one’s birth. It is the will of God that the sanctity of one’s native soil be preserved and rising up to its defence in the event of an external breach of this sanctity would be a move in the right and lawful direction.

Generally, the physically engaging duty of soldiering falls primarily to the lot of the male sex but the incisive weaving and activity of pure womanhood has no less a relevance to this activity as well. This fact will be clear to anyone who possesses some knowledge of the orderings and weavings in Creation.

In view of the foregoing, the obvious and likely consequences of the move by a soldier to prevent a breach of the sanctity of the land of his birth has a cover of the Laws of Creation. Therefore, when death results in battle in this connection, it is certainly not murder.

A human creature that seeks and moves to dispossesses another human creature of what the Almighty has, in His grace, granted him does not deserve to possess that same thing. If resistance of his wrong volition results in his death, he simply has himself to blame for over-stepping the boundary lines which the wisdom and love of God had marked out. In real terms, such a human creature has set himself brazenly against the Will of the Creator.

Having said these, it is very appropriate that one or two be said about soldiering as a profession and calling. Soldiering is one line of duty that is capable of bringing out the best qualities out of the human being. Discipline, loyalty, courage, valour to mention a few. Soldiers in history have been known to exemplify these qualities. However, cruelty, injustice, hypocrisy are qualities that are not compatible with soldiering. Therefore, if a soldier goes into battle with the aforementioned virtues of truthfulness, self-discipline, loyalty, courage and love; what he does in battle in the defence and protection of the land of his birth will invariably have the endorsement, as it were, of the Laws of Creation.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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