What should we learn from the Biblical story of the widow’s mite?

Jesus, the Son of God, told the story of two people who gave their offerings. One was very prosperous in the material sense and gave his offering out the vast resources that he had. The offering he gave could not make any noticeable impact on or reduce significantly the quantum of his material wealth. But here was this woman, a widow as the Lord told the story, who gave everything that she had in offering to her Lord and God. The volition behind her offering was evidently one of total sacrifice and conviction.

What our [readers] should first take note of here is to appreciate the that fact that God gives value to offerings from human creatures on the basis of the nature of the movements of their spirit. The wealthy man gave conveniently, apparently in fulfilment of established religious obligations. And of course, he felt discharged from that obligation with a considerable measure of self-satisfaction. The widow, on the other hand, gave her last money, apparently in recognition of the truth that she cannot possibly hold back anything from her Lord and God even if it meant that particular thing happens to be her only belonging.

Before the Creator the impressions from these two creatures will greatly differ. Indeed what makes an impression before the Throne of God is only that which comes from the spirit. According to the teaching of the Son of God, the widow has laid up her treasures in heaven where thieves and other disturbing agents cannot reach. Her self-sacrificing love for God in giving her all will certainly lead her into spiritual wealth such as she cannot enjoy here on earth but only in those regions of Creation that lead to the Eternal Kingdom of God, Paradise.

What is needed from man is not an attitude or an attempt to impress or flatter God. God cannot be impressed or flattered by our human schemes and calculations. God demands purity of volition and action. He wants to see His creatures grow in learning how to give unselfishly and genuinely.

And this giving is not necessarily with money. We are to give in our thoughts, our words and in our deeds. The important thing is for the foundation of this giving to be that of love and the desire to serve.

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