What should be the right posture when one is praying?

It is true that over time various physical postures have been adopted while praying; such as kneeling down, closing eyes, standing and clasping hands, etc. Any of these postures could be adopted, but the emphasis should not be too much focused on the outward posture. The outward posture is only meant to act as a signpost indicating an inward state of readiness to pray.

As such, the main deciding ‘posture’ for the success of a prayer is the inner posture of the one praying? By the inner posture I mean the state of the person’s spirit and the inner power and concentration he or she can bring to bear on the words or intuitive movement that propels the prayer.

Prayer is more of a spiritual process than a physical one. It is first and foremost a veneration of The Almighty God, and a supplication to Him in gratitude for our existence and the blessings that surround us.

If the right conception of The Almighty Creator, God, can arise within the inner recesses of the one praying, then humility will automatically take control of the person. Humility and deep earnestness would colour the tone and texture of the words to be spoken, if at all words may be spoken, and imbue the process with the necessary seriousness that it requires.

A posture of inner calmness compelled by a strong faith in the omnipotence of The Almighty Father, and purity of intuitive perception would enable the prayer to be carried upward to the heights of all that is light and pure! Then the same inner purity and faith would serve as suitable soil for the reception of the help and fulfilment that may lie in the prayer.

As already indicated by the Lord Christ to His Disciples, and mankind in general, the one praying should seek out a quiet corner, and not make a public demonstration of a solemn personal matter. Prayer should be a silent communion with God, bereft of intellectual calculation and empty indoctrinated practices and phrases! When seeking to pray, remember always the words that say : ‘God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.”This statement vaguely renders the meaning of the understanding of how one should approach His or Her God in prayer.

Indeed God is Divine, and the approach towards Divinity demands inner purity and deep earnestness. It is this inner posture of purity and deep earnestness that counts most of all when we pray!

Even at the risk of sounding repetitious, let it be stated again that the inner posture of being thankful, grateful and joyous at the blessings that surround us daily and hourly, automatically arouses an intuitive state that equals a prayer; even if without spoken words.

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