What should be the best New Year’s resolution for one striving for spiritual ascent?


New year's resolution

Many have come to make it a point of duty to make New Year resolutions as one year rolls into another. The reasons behind this practise are numerous. A person might make a resolution to set clear goals for the New Year; it could be a decision to kick an undesirable habit, or a general guide as to how the next 12 months is to be spent.

If the reason behind this effort is genuine and focussed on what is noble, uplifting, pure, and not meant to harm our fellow men, then certainly it is a well meant practise and should be encouraged.
For one striving for spiritual ascent, one must add quickly that in setting our goals, we need to ensure that we do not focus solely on setting earthly goals. No doubt we may not forget or disregard earthly ne­cessities with impunity but at the same time they must not become the principal aim of our thoughts and actions.
Furthermore, in setting our earthly goals let us steer clear of self aggrandisement, crass materialistic ambition and vanity. It is no gain in the true sense of it for any person just because he or she has been proclaimed by some beauty pageant judges as the most beautiful person in the world, or that he led or was part of the football team that won the world cup or that his own private jet is the most expensive one as of this year! Such “achievements” brings no blessing to humanity, no progress, and no gain for anyone’s existence in this Creation, but only encourages such goal getters to fritter away their time upon earth.
Instead, our priority should be to consider that which helps in our spiritual ascent, furthers Creation in which we are permitted to live and improves the lives of our fellow men. Thus the Grail Message says: “One goal must henceforth dominate every man – to recognise and also to fulfil the place he, as a human being, must occupy in Creation!”
We are constantly advised in the Grail Message to have goals which are high, noble, good and ideal. We are to have a spiritual aim, high goals for eternity, look upwards and ascend. Also, an ideal aim and prayer is to plead for strength finally to pull ourselves together for permanent improve­ment, humbly strive to throw off all former stubbornness, and joyfully greet the Word of Truth from the Light as redemption!
Our resolution or firm decision will be well directed therefore if it is focussed on the observance of the Laws of God. Our lives and the years ahead will be blissful provided that we think upon God and His Will at all times!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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