What should be man’s attitude towards traditions; especially oppressive and backward traditions?

What we call traditions are the accumulated experiences of man in his growth and development process spanning over a period of time. Although the tendency is for the younger or next generation to look upon past practices as if they are sacrosanct and hard cast on marble; yet each person should note that traditions were the products of past practices of fallible men. Also, we should remember that everything in creation is in constant movement or motion. This stipulates that change in the right direction should also be constant.

Any tradition that becomes rigid automatically begins to lose its vitalising effect, and ultimately comes to a standstill; which really means that it will become a burden on those it otherwise should help. It is the burdensome state of traditions that today stipulates the oppression and suppression of women; using them as beasts of burden and sex objects. It is also the corrupted traditions that brought about the glorification of money, even if ill-gotten; and has adversely affected traditional institutions which now accords traditional titles and respect to the highest bidder.

It is also the backward tradition that makes funeral ceremonies a jamboree for the exhibition of the vanity and gluttony of the living, instead of a solemn farewell for the deceased.

To arrest the situation, man has to realise who he really is, and why he is in earth. He should realise that he is on spiritual pilgrimage in creation, and should learn to uphold the Will of His Creator. The so called ancestors were not superhuman beings, and had a fair share of their own mistakes. Indeed, they would be spiritually tied to their mistakes, except those coming after them do something better to correct them.

Therefore it is the spiritual duty of the present generation to constantly uplift, review and ennoble past practices left behind by the ancestors. Man should not allow himself to remain a victim to oppressive and backward traditions. Everything should lead to man’s spiritual welfare, if it is to be right. Our traditions too, should be permeated anew by the spiritual energy which man absorbs from creation, through the Grace of His Creator, to pass on to his environment.

It is the duty of the living, most of who are reincarnated ancestors, to fulfil the task of bringing about the needed changes in traditions and cultures, and thereby free themselves from past errors.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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