What religion did Jesus Christ profess and worship when He was on earth?

Jesus Christ, did not concern Himself with the setting up of any earthly religion and did not profess nor worship through any known earthly religion. He also did not associate with any. Jesus Christ came to the earth, and indeed into Creation, as an embodiment of the Divine Word of Truth. Divine Truth Itself is in and with God Almighty.

Every teaching of and concerning the Divine Truth was originally willed by God and at His behest taken to different peoples of the earth, at their varying levels of spiritual consciousness, through a Prophet, Messenger, or Truth Bringer suited to them. All the teachings were uniform, and were meant to lead like a flight of steps from one level of recognition to another, and ultimately lead all mankind to the recognition of the Will of God, and the reverential worship of The Almighty Creator through the deeds.

Therefore to express worship of God means to carry out man’s every dealing and activity in recognition and obedience to the Will of God. It means a proper recognition of the Laws of Creation, and living them consciously through every thought, word and deed, we express. True worship of God has little to do with religions and religious practices. Indeed, as past history shows, some religions and religious activities are directly hostile to the Will of God, and therefore hostile to the true worship of God.

For example, a teaching that seeks to foster spiritual indolence in men through giving them false hope and a promise of spiritual salvation without personal spiritual effort, would be hostile to the Will of God.

Christ, brought Divine Truth, and wants all mankind to follow the path to salvation through the recognition of the Will of His Father, hence, HE said: ‘Not those who call me Lord, Lord, but those who fulfil the Will of My Father shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’

The true teachings of Prophet Mohammed also recognise and unite with this same theme of obedience to the Will of God; hence Islam signifies the teachings about submission to the Will of Allah.

As stated already, the Lord Christ did not set up any earthly religion, but was primarily interested in allowing the Truth which He embodies, to permeate the soul of men. It is a sad commentary today that many religious structures set up in His name are mainly seeking to expand their earthly influence and power, and not doing much to sustain the main mission of Christ in making the Will of God known. Truth is unchangeable and does not have religious coloration nor denomination. Also Christ, coming from the Truth, did not concern Himself with religions and denominations.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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