What is the message to mankind in the parable of the Great Sower?

The Sower went forth to sow, as we read in the Bible, and the living seed that He sowed fell on four different kinds of ground. Some on stony ground, some on the road-side, some amid thorns and some indeed on good soil.

The Son of God now explains further that the seeds could not penetrate on stony ground for it to even germinate, the birds picked for food those that fell by the road-side and the thorns choked life out of the seeds that fell amidst the thicket of thorns. Instructively, however, the ones that fell on good soil brought forth a rich and bountiful harvest.

Like all the parables that the Son of God gave to mankind, He addressed those picture-stories to the souls of His listeners challenging them to bring the pictures to life within them and for them to be induced to reflection. One of His intentions for giving parables was to agitate the languid and almost paralysed spirit of men. He intended to wake men up from the spiritual sleep – the sleep of death into which they has relapsed.

The four different kinds of soil that were presented before the Great Sower represented four different kinds of man’s inner state and circumstance. Through conceit, arrogance and a knowing-better attitude a human creature can make the soil of his soul stony and hard. Thus the Word of God which the seeds of the Sower conveyed cannot penetrate.

Through careless indifference and inner apathy the soil in a human creature could be a road-side kind of soil. Influences and deficient human opinions could obliterate the seeds of the Word of God.

Through not being discerning regarding one’s involvement with or association with people of dubious and shady character or getting attracted to things that are evil such will choke life of the seeds conveying the Word of God.

The good soil that brought forth the rich harvest was not prepared from heaven or let down from heaven. It took a conscious human creature who is God-fearing, alert and up to his responsibility as a creature to prepare the good soil: prepare the ground, weeded when it was necessary, watered the soil, added manure when it became expedient and tend the ground to prevent encroachment from without.

Those who could prepare the good soil have had the admonition “watch and pray” as their watch-word.

On the part of the human creature, receiving the Word of God from the Great Sower and using it to bring forth a rich harvest requires an alert spirit as well as a dutiful and responsible disposition. No effort is too much to put into attaining the right understanding and absorption of the Word of God. The values and blessings resulting there-from cannot be quantified in material terms. They are eternal.

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