What is the final or world judgement?

One needs to know as a background to this question that the earth, the human spirits on it and even those in the so called beyond are in the process of entering into a new era, a new age.

Through the new light anchorage that has been firmly fixed and secured on earth, the earth and all those on it are going through a purification process.

In essence what is happening is simple. The light radiations permeating this part of Creation animate everything and push everything inexorably to the end of its cycle. In the case of human spirits it means that the fruits of all our thoughts, words and deeds are brought back to us much more quickly than had been the case in the past.

All the seeds that we have sown through the millennia of our past lives on earth and in the beyond are now brought back to us to experience. Karmic repercussions that would have taken a long time to ripen and mature are brought back to us in a relatively short time period of time. Depending upon the nature of the seeds we have sown, and the way and manner in which we accept and experience them, we shall either come through this process cleansed and purified or if the necessary good volition is lacking, we will be swept away together with the evil which we gave rise to.

It is the final harvest, decision time for all human spirits in this part of Creation. It is called the final judgement because there is no possibility after this of again coming back to redeem this or that mistake. Mankind and each individual human spirit must decide for itself whether its path is to lead upwards towards higher light spheres or whether it will lead downwards to perdition and the loss of its personal ego consciousness which it has laboriously developed and acquired through the millennia.

Present day conceptions of the final judgement conceive of the process as one by which each individual human spirit is led before the throne of the World Judge who opens up the Book of Life in which all the deeds of the one being judged are listed. On the basis of the Book of Life, one is therefore adjudged to have either led a good life and therefore passes through the final judgement or to have led a bad life in which case the one so adjudged is doomed to eternal damnation.

The picture rendered to man pictorially in the Book of Revelations can now be understood better in the light of the foregoing. The Book of Life from which the World Judge reads are the souls of men themselves upon which has been imprinted their deeds and actions. The World Judge in the name and on behalf of the Almighty Creator sends out light radiations which will strike each and every one of as at the predestined time.

These purifying light rays animate everything connected to us – first and foremost all the karma which is still connected to us that, we have not yet redeemed. These will be brought to increased activity and now in the final analysis strike us as the creator and origin of these forms with full force. If the harvest has been predominantly good it thrusts us upwards over and beyond the level at which disintegration occurs. If the harvest is predominantly evil and we cannot in the struggle free ourselves from these propensities and evil deeds still clinging to us, we will together with this evil be swept away down into the depths where disintegration takes place.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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