What is luck?

Luck is an expression used by human beings to express a phenomenon which they have observed, but whose cause and origin they cannot be explained. The word luck is used in a context where good fortune befalls a human being without the person having given any perceivable outward cause for it. For example, someone wins a lottery or his application for a job is accepted where those of others of equal or even better ability are rejected. A plane crash occurs and you out of all the others survive. You walk out of a room and the next thing you know the fan under which you were just sitting falls and crashes down. Since no visible cause can be given to explain how these processes come about man calls it “luck”. He has given it a designation and with that the matter has been settled.

On reflection however we all know that nothing has been settled. From where does the force come that endows one person with good fortune and gives the other either none or brings the opposite – misfortune, ill luck, adversity etc? In some descriptions one hears of luck being depicted as a female being “lady luck” who bestows her good luck arbitrarily upon whoever pleases her. That is also another issue, the concept of luck holds within it the idea of arbitrariness, of things happening by “chance”: “Well that’s life” many people say with a sigh meaning by this that one is not in control of one’s own circumstances, but is just a plaything, a toy of fate, to be tossed here and there without being able to influence one’s circumstances.

It needs to be said here with all emphasis that there is no arbitrariness in the workings of the Natural Laws. The Laws stipulate that what a man sows that shall he reap. Luck is just the reaping of a harvest, the sowing of which lies in past events that lie far back in time, sometimes in events that occurred in a previous incarnation which now, having matured and ripened over time, bring their harvest back to the originator who is now on earth in a new incarnation and is unaware as his earthly environment is unaware of the past happening that he went through which now bring him this reaping. In our ignorance we now call this lawful reaping of past karma “luck”, an erroneous and misleading concept which leads to many having doubts in the justice of the Creator and his creation.

The only route to having permanent and constant “good luck” that is good fortune is to obey the laws of creation and love our neighbour as our self. Only through this will one fit in with the currents of this creation and flow with them. Then everything which formerly used to work against us will work for us. We enter into harmony with the Creative Will and experience therein true joy and constant bliss. That is the true “luck”.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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