What is destiny?

Destiny is the observation by man of the effect of a Creation-law – the Law of Sowing and Reaping which stipulates that whenever we as human spirits cause an action to take place a reciprocal action develops from this action which will return to us and bring us back in hundredfold the fruits of that original action.

By action is meant here our words, our thoughts and our gross-material deeds.

Destiny is however often misunderstood by man when it is thought by the idea of destiny that this is an external force which arbitrarily pushes us into one situation or another without our being able to change it. In other words, we become slaves of our destiny. However, we must be clear in one thing: we can change our destiny through changing inwardly. When we change inwardly the actions which we take will be different. Thus this will bring back a different reciprocal action to that which we had been experiencing before.

Again, however, one must fall into the misconception of thinking that this change of one’s destiny will be something that will happen from one day to another. In other words, you have a change of heart and you expect immediately that your destiny will change. No. The existing reciprocal action is still out there. However, one thing is that once you have made a change of heart you no longer give that reciprocal action any nourishment, you cut yourself off from it so it does not develop any further. It stays at what is was.

Another thing happens: once you change inwardly, this also has a spiritual effect. It changes your environment and it means that the returning reciprocal action, if it is of a negative nature, will not be able to affect you as much as much as it would have if you still [without an inward change]. So the reciprocal action will definitely come but not to the extent to which it would have had an effect if there had not been that inner change beforehand.

Another misconception is this idea of the stars, radiations, horoscopes etc. which means that people say  that if the stars are in a certain constellation that this can affect you either positively or negatively. However, from the knowledge of the Grail Message we know that the stars are only channels through which the existing reciprocal action can flow to you. The stars themselves do not create reciprocal action. All that happens is that they can channel the good or they can channel the bad. But the reciprocal action as such, what comes out for you, is what you yourself put in through your actions.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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