What happened to those people who took part in the slave trade?

The slave trade was a horrific crime against humanity. Human beings were attacked, captured, bound with chains, packed into ships like sardines into a can and shipped across to another continent to start a life of bondage. Thousands never survived the long journey. The sick and dead were thrown overboard to drown or be attacked and eaten up by the sharks that sometimes followed these ships in search of prey.
What indeed happened to those cruel and brutal persons who inflicted such pain, sorrow and misery upon their fellow humans?

As in everything that we do, the Law of Reciprocal Action plays a decisive role. What a man sows that shall he reap. The perpetrators of these horrific deeds will be firmly bound through ethereal cords of fate to each and every one of their victims. For every pain and anguish suffered by their victims, a corresponding ethereal form will be created and hung upon the ethereal body of the person who caused it. These forms again will be connected to and anchored in planes in the ethereal where forms of a similar nature abound. This will be the environment to which these criminals will be drawn when they pass over to the beyond upon physical death.

There they will endure a thousand fold, each and every living moment of their lives, the pain, anguish and torments that they inflicted upon their fellow humans in their past life. In addition to this, they are tied ethereally to every one of their past victims. Even if they have through their experiences come to recognition of the evil they have done and genuinely regret their past deeds, they will still have to come back to earth and redeem their past actions.

Thus, one could very well have a situation where a former slave trader or slave master returns to this earth and because of his connection to the slave trade in the past is drawn into a family and environment where slavery exists. There as victims they suffer what they themselves inflicted on others – the whippings, beatings and separation from their loved ones. They experience what it is like to be sold off like cattle to another person, to lose their dignity and respect and be totally at the mercy of the whims and caprices of another human being.

However, here again as in all the workings of the Creation-Laws, opportunity for redemption lie in the workings of the Laws. If their arises in the souls of such people the desire to help his fellow sufferers and even through acts of heroism protect them from the tyranny of their masters and even lead them to freedom, then this person redeems many threads from the past which will now fall away from him through his inner transformation and resultant deeds of selfless sacrifice .

The process described above however only holds true for souls who have come to true recognition of the evil they have done and who feel genuine remorse for what they have done. For them because of their genuine wish to make good for past errors a way is shown them towards redemption and salvation. For those who continue in their wrong doing they will continue to be bound to experience on these dark planes and run the danger of being drawn into the disintegration process when these planes as well as its inhabitants enter into the funnel of disintegration. They will in this process suffer then spiritual death, which is the destruction of the personal ego consciousness, which they had developed up till then. Their names will thus be erased from the book of life.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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