Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain

This second commandment, even though it is clear and unambiguous, is most frequently transgressed, especially in religious circles.

In most trivial conversations, indeed in arguments, this honoured Name is invoked to confirm the veracity of statements which in nearly all cases are blatant lies!

The Name of the Creator in every Language is powerful and if it is revered and honoured has a magnetic and beneficial effect on those who call on it in moments of need or danger. Just this one Word! For them it will bring miraculous results. What is most disturbing is that no one treats the name of his parents or of earthly rulers with such levity. In most cases, this is preceded with such accolades such as:

  • “Your Excellency”
  • “His Royal highness”
  • “Distinguished Senator” etc.

But when it comes to The Almighty Creator of all, we just call this Name as casually as if one was addressing his neighbor.
Then there are others who claim to be in direct communication with the Supreme Being – “The Lord spoke to me” or “Holy Spirit ministered unto me”.

Let us concede that they received some message from above. But the Lord of All the Worlds has several messengers at His beck and call. There is a chain of command. This starts with the Elders, Archangels, Angels down to the nearest Spirit Guide attached to man. This is the one we hear.

Only in exceptional cases is there mediation from higher realms. Like when the Angels appeared to the Shepherds to proclaim the birth of Jesus. Even then, their first words were “Be Not Afraid” because so great is their intensity of the Light and Power that comes with them that all men must be overwhelmed.

Consider: no earthly ruler has to speak to each of his subjects directly or personally. He has agents and different tiers of government that ensure this. Why then do we consider something less for The Creator?

No less ridiculous is the presumptuous statement when we human beings “Bless the Lord”. Can a lower creature bless a higher One?

If a child in gratitude to his Father for paying his fees tells his father “Daddy, kneel down, let me bless you” won’t we scream at such effrontery?

Let us therefore be careful, and give to the Almighty Father, the honour and glory that is His Alone!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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