The significance of night vigil to prayer

What is the significance of night vigil to prayer? How does it help prayer to be answered?

A vigil is a period of intentional sleeplessness. This word has its root in the Italian word vigilia which also means “eve”. A religious vigil may be held on the eve of a religious festival (feast days), observed by remaining awake as a devotional exercise or ritual observance.

The Midnight Mass held on Christmas Eve is a remnant of this practice which is rare in Orthodox Christianity and in the western world generally.

In this part of the world, regular vigil keeping has become very popular amongst Pentecostal Christians. This can be traced to the activities of our ancestors whose practice of traditional religion involved a lot of midnight rituals. Pentecostal Christianity has simply taken over this practice in order mainly to tackle supposed enemies in the thick of the night. The efficacy of prayer however does not depend on the timing (i.e day or night) or on the duration but on the earnestness and purity of the volition.

Christ clearly advised against using many words in prayer which is the practice at vigils where the same request has to be repeated over and over and using various expressions as if the answer depends on the volume of words used and the length of time spent.

Also, most of the prayers said at these pentecostal vigils are actually curse directed at perceived enemies whereas Christ advised: “love your enemies, pray for them”. The natural order of life as programmed by the Creator Himself requires that man rests during the night. Any refusal to comply with this is unnatural and will have telling effects on the physical body. If however an individual cannot achieve the necessary concentration and earnestness in prayer during the day and can do so only in the night, then he may do as suits him. He should however not disturb others in the process and he need not stay up for too long as a few seconds of earnest prayer is more vital than endless hours of vigil.

Through the Grail Message, we now know that moments of deep sorrow and moments of great joy present an opportunity for our intuitive perception to link up with the purity of paradise. These moments should not pass us by without an intuitive prayer which does not even require words but only a few seconds of inner composure.

The Grail Message also reveals that our prayers should comprise mainly of thanksgiving because in the completeness of the Work of Creation the Lord has already given us all that we may ever need long before we came to this earth. Our requests do not even get to Him before they are answered by the numerous visible/invisible helpers around us. Only our thanksgiving, our gratitude, only that reaches to the steps of His Throne.

No creature can appropriate thanksgiving. Even when it is directed to a creature be it a man or a being, it rises further, upwards. All thanks belong to God only and this we should give at all times, in thoughts, words and deeds.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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