“Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth”. Why was this advice given?

In the development of the human being on earth, the period of youth otherwise known as the period of adolescence is a very significant period and it is essential that what lies in the Will of God for the human being at that period is faithfully complied with and carried out.

The period of childhood that precedes adolescence exists principally for the preparation and fortification of the physical body towards the point when the human being can face and confront the manifold currents pervading the world of matter. As a child and in normal situations and conditions the human being is protected from the currents of the world. This is what the Will of God had ordained.

When the period of childhood is over and the physical body has matured as ordained by Nature the youth now stands on earth ready to connect with the currents of the world. Indeed the connection is natural and automatic. The drawbridge, as it were, is lowered ready for the human being to sally forth into battle in the tumultuous world of matter.

Let our [readers] know today that what really happens is that the temperament of the youth has been conditioned by Nature, by God’s Will, to long and aspire for ideals. We see this in the restlessness of the youth and their non-compromising disposition to see things done rightly and justly. They want to right the wrongs in the society and they give expression to this in protest and demonstrations.

The motive force behind this is the melancholy temperament in the blood formation of adolescence as different from the sanguine temperament in the blood formation of the child. For the benefit of our [readers], the periods of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age have their corresponding temperaments as conditioned by the respective blood formation.

If the youth sustains the idealistic longing that is natural to him at this period of adolescence he will provide himself a very very healthy, solid and sound foundation for attaining a high level of recognition of God in the course of his maturing development.

Nothing in the world can compare with this grace of God.

The period of youth is for laying spiritual foundation. The youth must resolutely avoid anything that can weaken his being at this delicate period.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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