Raising of the dead and reincarnation

What is the significance of the miracles of raising the dead as happened in the case of Lazarus vis-a-vis the fact of reincarnation?

Death, per se, is not a means of graduating from the ‘school of life’ which the earth plane presents. Death is only a temporary or momentary release of the soul from physical existence. Reincarnation, on the other hand, affords such earlier released soul another opportunity to continue maturing, or to make necessary amends, on earth, if it deserves it.

In other words, it is not that once someone dies or departs the earth plane it means the person has ‘graduated’. To ‘graduate’, a soul must reach the requisite inner maturity through obedience to the Holy Will of God, such as permits it entrance into the spiritual Paradise.

The Lord Christ’s actions with raising the dead were purely acts of Divine grace to deserving souls. They ‘deserved’ it through their personal weavings of fate; just the same way we too do receive the grace of God in matters of every day occurrence or concern.

Because grace surrounds us all, no human being has the right to question an act of grace granted another human being. Sometimes, such Divine acts carried out help to strengthen the faith and conviction in the power of God Almighty on those who were witnesses to the acts of grace. So a singular act of Divine grace could have multifarious effects.

A human being ‘graduates’ or is ‘promoted’ according to the lessons of life he or she accumulates from daily experiences. This manifests itself in the willingness or disposition of such a human being to obey the Laws of Creation. It is the reciprocal effects from such obedience of the Laws of Creation that uplifts a soul.

It is possible, if the circumstance arises, for a Divine Being, or one called (person with special ability) to determine (see) each soul’s level of inner development. Such was the case when The Lord Christ told the thief on the cross…’Tonight, thou shalt be with me in Heaven’. On this occasion, The Lord Christ had ‘seen’ the inner state of the soul as being ready (matured) for the journey back home to Heaven. It was also such opportunity that arose when Christ met the ‘dead’ Lazarus. In the case of Lazarus, it must have been ‘seen’ that he needed further grace of being permitted a longer earth life.

Why was Lazarus not allowed to die and later reincarnate, since that possibility existed? This is like asking why did Lazarus’ sisters seek help for him, in running to call Jesus Christ to his death bed? Every act of love is a liberating opportunity for the soul that engages in it. Lazarus’ sisters may have also redeemed a long standing karma through that act of bringing help to their brother. And why would anyone who finds genuine help around him or her not avail himself or herself of it?

As stated before, there could never be a case of arbitrariness in these acts. Jesus Christ followed the perfect Laws of Creation in all that He carried out.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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