“The end justifies the means” – how correct is this view?

Everything about the statement or the view that the end justifies the means is wrong. The sad truth, however, is that it is a view held by many and applied in millions of ways in their day-to-day pursuits. For a lot of people, this wrong thought has germinated as a poisonous seed and forms the core that drives their relationships with others. For such as these, every method is good so long as it achieves their desired results.

Corporate organisations and government agencies have also fallen victim to this luciferian principle. No wonder you are made to pay electricity bills for electricity not supplied and young ladies are recruited to go about in less than graceful attires to market one item of trade or another.

The point must be made again that man is a spiritual creature and is held within Creation that is patterned and controlled by spiritual Laws which express God’s Holy Will. These spiritual Laws influence and, if you like, monitor every act of man whether man is aware of this fact or not. Viewed in this light, how foolish then becomes the principle of so many that the end justifies the means which contradicts every Divine Thought and all perfection.

The first correction in this would start from restating the fact that man’s existence does not and should not consist primarily of pursuing and gaining physical necessities and enjoyments, fame and fortune. It is always in these quarters that man seeks to act in an arbitrary way as, for example, the political situation in Zimbabwe and other African countries typically exemplify. Most elections are rigged with the view that the process does not matter so long as a winner emerges. A rat race and frenzy to achieve earthly domination by whatever means could become a corrosive poison for the soul of man.

Every effort of man that seeks to be counted as valuable in Creation must follow the rhythms of the Laws of Creation and carry truth, love and spiritual benefit as core values. Creation Laws abhor arbitrary acts that seek to jump the process. Man should learn to adjust his ways to accord with the Laws of Creation. It is for his own benefit.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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