Does hell really exist? If so where?

Hell exists.

To understand what hell is and where it is located however, it is necessary to understand the activity of the human spirit in Creation and to know how the spirit affects its environment. Every word thought and physical action that the human spirit produces is like a seed which it plants in Creation. This seed will grow and bring back to it what it originally willed for itself.

These fruits of our volition are located in finer adjacent planes of existence to our physical environment, which we cannot see and perceive through our physical senses because they are of a different consistency. Although these adjacent planes are not perceptible to our physical eyes and other senses however, they do exist and have a profound effect upon us. Thoughts are anchored in the plane of fine gross matter, words anchored in the plane of medium gross matter and physical actions take effect on this our dense earthly plane.

Among all the aforementioned types of activity of the human spirit in Creation, the one that has the most incisive effect is that of those thought of ours which carry within them the power of the intuitive perception. These products of our ability to intuitively perceive are anchored in the world of fine gross matter. If these intuitive perceptions are of a high uplifting nature i.e. if they are thoughts of love, peace joy, harmony etc then centres of light, joy, peace and harmony will spring up in the planes of fine gross matter. If however the predominant nature of the intuitive perception is of a low and base nature in which the intuitive perceptions are those of hate, envy, lust greed etc., then dark planes will be created in which all these evil attributes will grow and flourish.

In this latter case, because of the predominately evil nature of man on earth, these heavy dark planes have been continually nurtured and given great power through our base way of thinking. In its last consequences mankind has therefore finally created for itself hell. It is not a Divine institution but a product of human activity – nurtured and sustained by those human spirits who through their base way of thinking have given rise to it.

At physical death every human spirit will have to traverse the planes of fine gross matter there to experience what it sowed for itself while on earth. If it sowed love, peace and joy it will be drawn into those lighter and luminous planes where these qualities abound.
Similarly if it indulged in thoughts of hate, envy, lust, greed etc it will be inexorably drawn down to these planes and experience the effects of these activities upon itself- it will be in hell and experience hell continuously until it inwardly changes and gradually frees itself from this environment.

It is not really possible to describe in words the experiences and torments of those who experience hell. Suffice it to say that there the principle of “letting oneself go” is the driving force of activity in these dark planes. Occupants of hell live out their base passions and desires in the most unrestrained manner on these planes. Each releases upon the other in full force the kinds of currents in which he vibrates. This pushes the other to release in reciprocity more of the same to the other. Each pushes the other further on thereby increasing the mutual torment, pain and anguish. In the intensity and heat of the unrestrained emotions and passions produced, one can then speak literally of a fire, hell-fire which is let loose and rages in these dark regions.

On a final note, it should be pointed out that through the spiritual retrogression of the human spirits over the millennia and the consequent low and base way of thinking of its earthly inhabitants bridges have been built from this our earth plane to spirits sojourning in these dark planes. Bridges of homogeneity which allow these dark spirits to draw themselves over to our earth plane and, when the opportunity is given, incarnate here. The number of such incarnations has increased so rapidly over the millennia that millions now populate the earth that really do not belong here and should be maturing in lower regions. They now populate the earth and bring their propensities with them the increased incidence of brutish, evil behaviour on earth, the sometimes incomprehensible brutality and torment that human beings seem capable of inflicting upon their fellow human beings often without any just cause find their explanation in this happening.

The expression ‘hell on earth’ is also justified and finds its meaning and explanation in this occurrence. Fortunately the necessary cleansing process that will sweep such inferior spirits back to the places where they really belong is now in full swing.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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