Is there any connection between the feeling of deja-vu, reincarnation and destiny?

The feeling of deja vu refers to the intuitive sensing that some people have when they come into contact with situations, places, circumstances and individuals whereby the thought spontaneously comes to mind that what one is now experiencing is not a new occurrence but something that has already taken place before in the past. It is something already seen as the French words “deja vu” connote.

Now this intuitive sensing is not an illusion or a trick of the mind as is erroneously interpreted and propagated by people who obstinately cling to a limited conception of existence. However, the underlying reasons for this experiencing can be of different kinds. Reincarnation is one possibility.

One meets up in this present earth-life with someone with whom one has shared deep experiences in a former earth-life. By a first meeting with such a person, an intuitive sensing can arise that one already knows this person although one has never met him or her before. This coming together of two people or more in a new incarnation is the result of the fact that past threads connecting the one to the other are still active and in their reciprocal effects will bring about the situation whereby the two parties are brought together so that the threads can complete their cycle and find resolution.

Or then again it might be that the parties have come together to achieve a common goal to which they have both committed themselves in a former earth-life. That commitment or vow now brings them onto the earth-plane where the activity is to take place and ultimately brings the two together so that they can proceed to fulfil their task. One can well speak here of their common destiny bringing them together.

However, one must keep in mind that destiny is nothing more than the consequences of our own past volitions and actions. Destiny is the harvest of the spiritual seed that we have sown for ourselves.

On the other hand, there is another possibility of a deja vu situation which has its origin in our present incarnation. To understand the following explanation, however, one must know and appreciate that all that happens to us gross materially is only the consequence of a previous spiritually willed action. The spiritually willed action has already taken form in Creation before the gross material form manifests. Sometimes, especially through dreams, we can receive or see pictures of the forms of these spiritually willed actions before they manifest later gross materially. When the time for the gross material condensation and realisation now arrives and we are confronted with it, one senses of course, to a lesser  or greater degree depending on one’s spiritual alertness and how clearly one can remember one’s dreams, that this scene, this environment, this conversation, this constellation of people and topics is something that one has seen or experienced before. In other words, one experiences deja vu – already seen.

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