Is there an end to existence?

Only God truly exists. Everything else is only a consequence of His being. In Him alone resides real life and power. In Him alone lies eternal life.

Creation is God’s work that came about through His Will. Being a work, it stands beside the Creator and is therefore finite. Creation and all the creatures within Creation will continue to live, to exist as long as they are connected to the Creator and are permitted to partake of His power and grace.

Creation itself consists of many sections, divisions or planes of existence however one may wish to express it. Speaking in very broad terms, however, there is the Spiritual uppermost part and the material lower part. We find ourselves at the moment in the World of Matter which has been given over to us human spirits as a school or training ground where we can, through repeated incarnations, inwardly develop and attain spiritual maturity.

The Spiritual part of Creation has inner mobility and independent movement while the World of Matter is inert and is moved, pushed and driven through spiritual forces which originate from the Spiritual part of Creation. Everything in the World of Matter goes through an eternal cycle of coming into being, growing, maturing, finally growing old and disintegrating that is returning back to its original constituents.

The forms are therefore transient but the process is eternal.

The time will therefore come when the World of Matter and the gross material Earth upon which we dwell will also grow old and cold, disintegrate and revert back to its material constituents. This is, however, by no means the end of existence but only a transition allowing for a renewal of the cycle in times to come.

The human spirits, in the normal run of things, do not take part in this transitional process. Being spiritual, they continue to existence and their own cycle closes when they return back to their spiritual home as matured and self-conscious spirit-flames.

This is, however, in the normal run of things.

The human spirits, however, through disregarding the Will of the Creator by not keeping to His Laws have entangled themselves in the World of Matter and bound themselves to the transient material form. They thus run the risk of being pulled into the dissolution process whereby the conscious form which they have labouriously developed from the time they left their spiritual home is taken apart and they revert back to their previous unconscious state.

This is a process of unspeakable torment and pain and is tantamount to the spiritual death of the conscious spiritual form.

For human spirits that take this road, one can speak of an end of their conscious existence.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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