Is the Grail Message the only truth? What about other teachings?

The first problem is that the average man has developed a wrong conception about Truth. There are no varieties of Truth. Truth is One, and is unchangeable. Just the same way gold remains gold whether it is found in the possession of a rich man or a poor man; same way Truth remains the same from generation to generation. This Truth has been perfect from the very beginning, and needs no additions or form of development to make it real.

Since beginning of Creation and the subsequent incarnation of man as a spiritual being on earth, various reflections or tidings of the Truth have reach man. These have come through prophets, and then later through the Forerunners, and finally through Truth Bringers. At each epoch only as much of the Truth as the man of that time could absorb was released.

Even when the Lord Jesus Christ, a part of the Living Truth Himself came, you will recall that He once told His Disciples: “There are many things I would have taught you, but you will not bear it now….” This was because Christ had seen their inner development or readiness.

In the wise order of Creation therefore, the release of the radiation and tidings of Truth is to be gradual and progress in a developmental way. It is like a ladder with a flight of steps; one recognition leading to another in the process of the spiritual development and growth of man.

We are in the final epoch in this process of man’s development, and even man’s fields of learning, the material creation is also fast coming to the end of its life span. Hence the urgent need then for man to make haste, come to full maturity and get back to his spiritual home.

It is to assist man in this effort that the Love of God permitted the Grail Message, In The Light of Truth, to be given. It brings man a reminder of all he has heard before, and an extension and full understanding of the essence of the Living Truth which is God Himself.

This Truth can only be grasped through an alert active spirit; with a readiness to personally examine the matter objectively. It does not call for mass follower-ship or group acceptance. The Truth mediated in The Grail Message is addressed to each individual personally, because it is he alone who must render account for all his deeds. It requires of everyone to genuinely exert himself spiritually in order to be able to take benefit of the words of The Grail Message!

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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