Is it true that a dead person can move to another town to live a normal life and even have children?

This is a story one has heard a couple of times, but each time the story teller would quickly add that he himself was told by another person, who invariably was told by yet another person.

The definite answer is that it is not possible for a departed soul to automatically take up another mature physical cloak or body and manifest physically with such physical cloak in the same gross material earth life. Any suggestions to the contrary would qualify as a fairy tale.

The human being, as we were told even in the Biblical story of Genesis, is made up of the physical body and the spirit. The physical body is transient, perishable and of limited life-span, while the spirit is immortal, eternal and never dies. When a human being dies in an earthly sense, the physical body is discarded, and according to our tradition in these parts, it is buried in the grave where it decays, thus fulfilling the saying: ‘dust to dust’, ‘ashes to ashes’.

Upon this death and burial, the soul is automatically released and freed to soar up towards luminous realms or stay bound to the closer proximity of the earth in accordance with how the person lived his earth-life. A man who, while on earth, was materialistic will certainly remain within the proximity of the gross material part of Creation.

After an earthly death, the spirit exists in its soul-body, also called ethereal body and this is not visible to the physical eyes.

It is also important to note that even while man is on earth with the full complement of his physical body his soul-body or the ethereal body is encased within him and helps him, sometimes, to perceive beyond earthly things. This is why it is possible, sometimes, for a man in flesh and blood to perceive the ethereal presence of a departed relative and feel that he or she ‘saw’ the departed one with his physical eyes. In reality, the ‘seeing’ here or, better put, the perceiving was through the person’s ethereal eyes as the ethereal body has the same parts as the gross material physical body.

A clear example of the manifestation of this ethereal or soul body was with the Lord Christ when it was recorded that He appeared before His disciples and they could not recognise Him, and His body passed through walls into the room where the disciples were gathered.

This ethereal body cannot take on another gross material existence without first passing through another process of procreation and incarnation as a soul in the forming foetus in the womb and an earthly birth. This is the path ordained through the Natural Laws in Creation. Nothing can change it.

Thus it cannot happen that such ethereal body could be employed by man to live a normal physical earth-life and even marry to have children.

One question to ask would be “where will he get the physical cloak to use from since his own has been buried in the grave?”.

Such assertions to the effect that a dead person can live a normal life elsewhere in the same earth-life, therefore, cannot be correct in accordance with the natural processes ordained in Creation.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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