Is it better to resign oneself to fate, since we cannot fight nature?

This question calls forth the need to further explain what fate really is, and how the Natural Laws influence or order all human activities.

Fate should not be seen as external imposition by forces outside of man’s grip. Rather fate is the accumulated effects of man’s thought and spiritual volitions, as well as the products of his words and deeds. So what we call fate is actually what each of us brought about through our past actions. Fate is the spiritual manifestation of our past activities; including consequences flowing back to us from our former earth lives.

To seek to resign oneself to fate is therefore like seeking to follow the path of least resistance; instead of boldly confronting our past.

Man should never see himself as a victim of fate; for fate is not a static imposition from The Creator. Fate evolves, as we address all that it has in store for us.

Every man’s fate is alterable; either in a positive or in a negative path. Many, who today are enjoying the good fortunes of life, may well be weaving negative fate or karma for themselves if they carry on with arrogant and wicked dispositions. In such a case an otherwise positive fate would lead to the accumulation of negative future spiritual consequences.

In the same token, many who today feel that fate is dealing them bad blows, may indeed be plotting their path of redemption and release, which will bring them a future that would be full of sunshine and happiness, if they apply themselves to the dictates of the Laws of Creation.

Yes, it is true no one can fight Nature and the Natural Laws because these natural laws are the true expressions of the Will of God woven into His Creation. So as God Almighty is Perfect and Supreme over all else, so are also these natural laws which express His Will.

These Natural Laws become our best friends when we conform to their dictates. Through this faithful obedience, a healthy fate would arise for us; and whatever challenges and difficulties we may be going through would soon become springboards for our ascent.

Therefore, we should welcome every fate that comes our way, and work both at it and on ourselves to turn it into a spiritually healthy experiencing. Everything that happens to man is ultimately for his own good, if he trusts in the omniscience of God Almighty.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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