In which year is Christ actually coming back?

This poser: “When is Christ Coming Back?” confronts many a believer. But he does not worry much about it, feeling that more established parishioners can alert him about Christ’s imminent return! Many ecclesiastical dignitaries also try to parry this question, being more concerned with more “practical issues”. Therefore no direct worries are entertained about this question, and if replies are advanced, they are usually indistinct, and are not so precise as to any timing. Such an event would be well advertised.

Or so people think!

But has past experience not shown that in Divine fulfillments, from the birth of John the Baptist, to the advent of Jesus Christ, that these fulfillments do not accord with the expectations of men, but unravel only according to the Will of Almighty God?

Has it not been illustrated that true Servants of God do not invariably arise from the ranks of orthodoxy or established priesthood, but rather from other groups?

And do these Servants of God not invariably proclaim a Word that sounds different from the empty husks that are sometimes prevalent? Did all this not result in Christ being crucified in one of the most controversial spectacles perpetrated by the human race, but which is today now dusted up and recommended as a gate and a pathway of reconciliation and salvation?

Is it of the same Christ that we mishandled, mocked, arraigned, crowned with thorns, forced to carry to Calvary a heavy cross, demanded that he “came down from the cross”, with our bloodstained hands, that we now have the effrontery to again ask: “when is Christ coming back?”

Are our religious precepts established only for our own convenience, and not for that of Christ, or of Almighty God? Do we not over-rate ourselves, and our own importance?

When we talk about the purported “Second Coming of Christ” how are we not sure that we are not like one of the five virgins who fell asleep and missed the bridegroom, and could not accompany Him to His Wedding feast?

Besides, did Christ not Himself declare that He would not return Himself, but would send a “Comforter” the “Spirit of Truth,” the “Bridegroom?”

But a man must be alert so he can identify the Bridegroom when He comes, so that He may share in His bounties, and not be left by the wayside. Because by the proper identification of this Bridegroom, a man can experience the reality of Christ’s Word: “He who receives a Prophet in the name of a Prophet, shall receive a Prophet’s reward!”

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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