“If you cannot beat them, join them” – can this be a good and advisable proposition?

The central and key issue here is that of conviction. The type of conviction that has Truth as its sole driving power. The saying “if you cannot beat them, join them” is like a narcotic, a spiritually deadening narcotic that is thrown at a vacillating person who is at a cross-road where he has a choice to make between compromise and set principles. It is only a few that can refuse this corrupting proposition.

It is also important to point out that the dubious proposition in this saying seeks to weaken and undermine idealism in the human being and, incidentally, it is often thrown at somebody at a most vulnerable point when he has been locked in sustained struggle to pursue and attain idealistic goals in the midst of those who, determinedly, do not share the same goals but stand for the contrary.

It is of great importance for our [readers] to know that in this morally dubious proposition one should vividly see the picture of the very hard and challenging task that faces anyone who wishes to carry a good and pure volition through among mankind today. We can thus draw the conclusion that more often than not idealistic human beings will always be in the minority.

Therefore it should be clear to all who are aiming and working for high standards and ideals that they will need the courage of steel; the type that made Martin Luther succeed with the history-turning reformation during the middle ages; before they can carry things through.

The Will of God is to have in His Creation those human creatures who will have attained spiritually driven conviction in all that they would find themselves engaged in. And this conviction is only to be forged through their experiencing life on earth as they consciously apply the knowledge of the working of the Laws of Creation.

Conviction comes solely through inflexible weighing and examining of all things using the scale of the Laws of God. The Laws that dispense only truth and justice.

Let it be known to our [readers] that to compromise truth and justice on the altar of social or political expediency and exigencies or for any other consideration adjudged as desirable by men is to take a backward step of about a hundred years in one’s spiritual development.

When someone joins those he has tried in vain to beat the flame of idealism is extinguished in that human being quite apart from values within his spirit which will invariably get soiled.

Therefore, for those who want to give a good account of their stewardship to God, their Maker, someday the proposition should rather be “if you cannot beat them stay on course on your own as it would never be safe to dine with the devil even with a long spoon”.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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