If one commits an offence and is punished by the earthly laws, would he still face the consequences of the Spiritual Laws or Karma?

This question raises the issue of the disparity or gap between Divine Justice which reflects in The Will of God, and earthly man-made laws. This gap is mainly due to the human intellect, the originator of earthly laws, which is limited in its ability to always recognise real justice from injustice.

Earthly justice, though very helpful in maintaining order and good governance, often, if not always, manifests this inability to fulfil the real requirements of Divine Justice. Indeed on closer observation, it could be seen that so many judgements of the earthly courts are in direct opposition to the dictates of Divine Justice.

For example, a candidate in an election who rigs the process and secures unmerited votes which gets him elected to a political office, may already begin to enjoy, as we have seen in our country, the privileges of such political office which he or she attained with fraudulent means. Sometimes this fraud may go completely un-remedied, or only remedied after the person has usurped and enjoyed the privileges of the political office for years. Eventually if an earthly court pronounces that election invalid, the fraudulent politician would simply smile away, having lost little, if anything at all. That is earthly justice for you; and that is the reason it cannot substitute for Divine Justice.

Every person must face the perfect mechanism of the Divine Will in Creation, which manifests in the Natural Laws. This must be so, even if the person has already been punished according to the earthly justice system. There is, however, the possibility of certain degree of mitigation in the workings of the Divine Justice, if the person in question has shown genuine remorse arising from an inner change of attitude.

This process of mitigation would equally be helped if he has been able to secure full forgiveness from the offended person.

All these factors would then ensure that the gravity of the returning spiritual reciprocal action could be reduced; but definitely all actions of men must obey the natural law that say: “Whatever ye soweth, that shall ye reap”.

Indeed, it should be the task of every earthly judge and lawyer to seek to achieve, through spiritual enlightenment, an understanding of how to close this gap between earthly laws and Divine Justice. But until that happens, each offender can facilitate the reconciliation through inward change and seeking for full forgiveness from the offended party.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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