If God is Love, why does He allow diseases and afflictions to fall on upon man?

Although this question carries or conveys a deep seated ignorance about God and His Workings in Creation, yet it has to be viewed with seriousness because many people hold the same wrong view.

God is The Creator. Through His Holy Will Creation was allowed to come into existence; and is sustained and maintained through the same Act of His Will. For man, this God’s Will is expressed in what we observe as the Natural Laws.

Now hear this.

Although God is The Creator, but He is not personally (to use human expression) in His Work. He is not personally in Creation. It is only His Will, that is, His Divine Volition, that controls affairs in Creation. This His Divine Volition, works in Love and Perfection, and is adjusted to support only pure thoughts and spiritually up-building activities.

Every other activity that does not swing in this sense does not rise up to high spiritual value, but must remain at a low level, inferior state, and as such be earth-bound along with its author.

To further clarify; man as a creature is imbued with a spiritual core which helps him to tap into God’s sustaining Power, and materialise his spiritual volition in deeds in Creation. It is in this sense that man could be called Master.

The outcome of man’s use of this spiritual power helps to shape his environment and his earthly circumstances. So, God does not get involved in man’s little cares and worries, but spans the whole Creation with His Divine Will, which ordains that every cycle of activity must end at the same point where it began.

In this way, if the earth is full of diseases, tribulations and afflictions, it could only be as a result of the wrong exercise of the spiritual power at the disposal of man.

As an example: A man who smokes and indulges in excessive drinking, cannot turn around to blame The Creator, when his physical body becomes diseased. Also a man who is given to anger and wicked thoughts towards others, must not complain when the devastating reciprocal shower baths of fate toss him hither and thither in lamentations and agony.

God Almighty made His Creation in Love; and wove into it Living Laws which superintend and reward man exactly according to his activities. The diseases, tribulations and afflictions we see daily are the rewards man must bear because of his wrong ways. The solution lies in adjusting his ways to accord with The Holy Will of God.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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