How true is the saying: With God all things are possible?

The Almighty is Omnipotent! He is the Source of all Power. This Power created all of Creation, maintains, sustains, heals and develops it. In addition, the Lord God is omnipresent and omniscient.

The all powerful and ever living God in His Power and Wisdom also created the Laws that maintain His Creation. These Laws are the expression of His Will. He speaks and manifests to His creatures through these Laws which are perfect and do not change! Because these Laws do not change all Acts of the Almighty always corresponds to earlier Acts. There is no arbitrariness in everything that proceeds from the Most High.

Some believers think that the Almighty can do everything and that with His omnipotence He can act arbitrarily. This is not so. Arbitrariness is only an attribute of humans who in their weakness and foolishness try to show off their abilities in this way. The Lord is however perfect and His Laws are the same yesterday, today and forever. They do not change. So the Lord will not for example go contrary to His Laws, or do anything impure, unjust or act out of hatred. Neither will He demand of His creatures abominable practices such as human sacrifice and self punishment.

Many will here mention miracles as proof that God can do anything. They think that miracles are happenings which are ordinarily impossible and are only brought about by arbitrary acts of the Almighty. This is not so. The fact that they happen shows that miracles are indeed possible and it is only men in their narrow mindedness who think they are not. However miracles such as many believers imagine do not exist. Such people only see the hand of God in things which are outside of the Natural Laws. Such happenings are not Divine and are impossible anyway. Miracles therefore are natural happenings. The difference with a miracle is that the process which according to earthly or human conceptions should take a longer time occurs with immense rapidity and so appears miraculous by reason of its extraordinary speed.

When during the life of Christ on earth events were recorded which are miraculous, it reveals to us that He acted with Divine Power but still within the Laws of Nature which Jesus proclaimed He had come to fulfil. The fact that Jesus will not do anything contrary to these Laws was displayed when He firmly refused the temptations to turn stones to bread or to jump down from the pinnacle of the Temple. We should not forget that the suggestions to do these arbitrary things came from Lucifer who will not suggest anything which accords to the Will of God.

So, instead of saying “With God all things are possible”, we can safely assert “With God all things are possible which are in accordance with His irrevocable Laws.”

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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