How true is hell fire? And how long will one last in it?

One can only hope and pray that the main object or reason for this question is not a desire to go to hell fire, for indeed there are dark power centres in the Beyond where one could go through experiences that would be likened to hell fire.

However the point must be made right away that what you call hell fire was never created by God Almighty. Rather hell fire arose or came into being through the operation of the Laws of Creation—particularly the Law of Homogeneous Species, which holds that like attracts like; and the sister Law of Reciprocity, which holds that each person must reap what he or she has sown, and in multiples.

The operation of these Laws of Creation automatically weave into reality the conditions which must await each person when finally they discard the physical body upon earthly death, and make the entry into the Spiritual worlds or the great Beyond. Automatically upon arrival in the Beyond, each human spirit is drawn or separated according to its homogeneous kind, and immediately held there to continue in mutual experiencing.

This mutual experiencing could then be termed hell fire if such human spirit, whilst on earth, inclined itself towards the acts and volitions of evil, wickedness, and other malicious tendencies.

Before the spiritual laws the experiencing is simply faithful repayment and balancing out of actions in Creation. It could lead to the further maturing and development of the human spirit involved; but could also necessitate further suffering for it, depending on how it makes progress there. So it is the particular human spirit that can determine how long or short it may stay in one dark power centre.

A noble spirit, in accordance with the same law of Spiritual Homogeneity would not be drawn to centres of hell fire, but will rather be pulled up to planes of beauty and joyful activities; again a way of reaping for it for its acts of kindness and love while in flesh.

At every moment man is left with the free-will to choose what to do and what to therefore experience in consequence of the choice or exercise of free-will.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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