How is a child to be brought up in accordance with God’s Will?

The primary recognition for all parents and which is of fundamental importance is to see a child, first of all, as a full-fledged human being like them but in a young body. Secondly, that he as parent has only consciously offered to serve as a bridge for the entry of the soul to the earth for the same purpose as he, the parent, has come to earth for. And this purpose is none other than to mature spiritually and progressively rise in the recognition of God.

This being the case, parents must recognise that their main task to the the child apart from taking care of the physical needs is to train and mould the character of the child along such paths that will unerringly lead to the timely acquisition of values and virtues.

Parents and guardians must remember that the period of childhood offers the best period and opportunity for right moulding of the child. It is a period of human existence that must be maximally utilised in confirmation of the Biblical admonition that the child should be taught the right way to take and when he grows up he shall not depart from it.

In the first place, parents need a thorough knowledge of the Laws of God to be able to rightly guide the development of the child. They must know that nature of the values that will have a moulding and edifying effect on the child. This knowledge will enable them to see far ahead on to the path to be taken by the child given the peculiar characteristics that they would have perceived and noticed in the young soul.

Under normal circumstances, a child will be amenable to guidance, correction and reprimand when this become necessary. Secondly, opportunity must be provided and the child must be encouraged to experience nature. Animals, flowers, plants are things that the child must be connected with because they are open at that time to nature. Let a child play with the earth, fraternise with animals, roll into gardens within the neighbourhood. It is healthy and desirable for them. Thereby they be will afforded a healthy foundation for a later spiritual unfolding.

Parents on their part must prevent any picture of self-contradiction so as not to create doubts in the impressionable minds of the young ones. Exemplary conduct should be the watchword. And what parent should do as a crowning of their efforts is to teach the child and always call its attention to the effects of the workings of the Laws of God. These they would draw from the happening in the home and their immediate environment.

A blessed experience it is to engage in good parenting.

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