How can we understand premonitions which many experience just before an event occurs?

Premonitions come as expressions or experiences of the soul of man which is capable of receiving spiritual power waves, warnings and guidance over future events, before they occur. These are intuitive impulses coming through from the spirit of man which is capable of experiencing both the earth and other finer or spiritual planes simultaneously. Perhaps one can add here that this is yet another proof that man is not just the physical body, but a spiritual being.

Every occurrence on earth must have a spiritual beginning. In other words, everything that happens with and around us, already has occurred in the finer planes of existence, and is only playing out on earth. In this process, man plays a major role, in that he triggers the spiritual development of events through his will and intuitive volitions. One way to appreciate this is to understand that all expressed intuitive volitions of man take on living forms in the spiritual planes, and remain connected with the author until the time of manifestation on earth. Through this chain of connection with the author, spiritual power waves also reach the person, in form of premonitions or intuitive flashes, well ahead before a physical manifestation.

The other possibility we should note is that our entire creation is mobile and full of spiritual currents coming from higher spiritual planes. This therefore makes it possible for everything to radiate and emit forms of energy, the waves of which could be picked up by an intuitively alert human being. A very good example is what happens when we meet certain strangers and are immediately warned by ‘something inside of us’ to be very careful. What really has happened here was that the strangers inner being, which could not be fully concealed by his outward disguise, radiated outwards, and you could feel it intuitively. If that warning is taken to heart, then one would be saved from future problems that must occur while dealing with the stranger.

Another possibility also comes through our spiritual guidance coming from helpers in the beyond, even up to benevolent angels. Every person on earth has access to spiritual guidance from benevolent helpers in the beyond. An impression from this sort of guidance comes through the channel of the intuition, using the solar plexus as a bridge to make definite impressions of spiritual power waves upon the back or small brain. These are further passed on to the frontal brain for actions.

The problem, however, is that man often does not yield to these helpful warnings we call premonitions. Most times man allows intellectual calculations and feelings to misguide him, and so in disobeying his spiritual guidance, he ends up with big problems, which could have been avoided.  The way to sustain this spiritual connection purely lies in being simple and living naturally in accordance with the Laws of Nature.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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