How can we eliminate poverty and achieve equal distribution of wealth on earth?

Poverty must not be seen as lack of material and financial resources only, but actually should be seen as man’s inability to explore and exploit Creation’s abundance. Only man himself can eliminate his own state of poverty. No government, group or society can achieve the elimination of poverty, if the populace or those affected refuse to use their God given abilities, which we call talents.

Poverty only exists when man refuses to employ his innate talents for the benefit of his environment; not when he does not have money in his pocket. Creation is ordered in such a manner that no one should adjudge himself so poor that he would not have something to give or contribute towards the over-all well being of the generality of the populace.

It is this personal determination to contribute something of value to the wider society and at one’s post in life that opens the door ways to wealth and riches.

Let me make the point clearer. Wealth already exists in everything we call our Creation, starting from the point of that sublime Creative Divine Fiat which we know as ‘Let There Be Light’. It will not happen, nor is it ever possible, for a government or group of individuals to embark upon equal distribution of wealth again. Wealth is already equally distributed by the Divine Hands of the Creator.

The disparity we observe is only brought about by man’s exercise of personal free-will and spiritual volition, expressed in his thoughts, words and deeds. The Table of The Lord is richly laden with inexhaustible abundance, and each man can take to his fill; only according to his ability. This ability is a self regulating spiritual gauge; for it also helps man to remain within the confines of what is necessary and needful.

When governments talk about poverty alleviation, and then attempt to achieve this by distributing wealth and social welfare, they miss the mark. Actual poverty alleviation must incorporate the re-education of the inner man. This means permitting man to have such knowledge that enlightens his spiritual core, thereby opening his eyes to self-conscious recognition of his Creation and the abilities he possesses. When man lives as Creation and its Laws ordain, consciously engaging his abilities, he will attract to himself whatever he needs.

He will then realise that his greater task and wealth lie in the degree of happiness and success he is able to generate and bring to others and the wider society, and not so much on how much he is able to take and store away as riches.

No one who employs well the abilities he has could be called poor, no matter in what field or area of life he exists and pursues his livelihood.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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