How can one protect oneself from psychic or occultic attack?

Psychic and/or occultic attacks confirm the reality of evil-mindedness in man as well as the truth of the the existence of the darkness on earth.

The human creature has unfortunately driven himself to the point where he can decide to generate and direct evil and harmful volition at other human creatures like himself.

With psychic or occultic attacks what happens is essentially a wrong use of the currents of God’s neutral power that streams through the work of Creation. To be more precise, this wrong use may involve the use and appropriation of the formative power of the human word through incantations, invocative power of magic, the appropriation of the animistic powers in nature, plants, roots, elements, organs of animals and so on. In all these cases, the potential in human ingenuity, as it were, have had to be mis-directed leading to the spread and strengthening of evil currents in the world.

However, our [readers] should take solace in the fact that the God of Justice will forever be on His Throne and all things will take place within the framework of His eternal Laws.

The Law of Creation that is of relevance in this connection is the Law of attraction of all that is similar of homogeneous. All of us should simply take refuge in the protection that this Law affords before any other thing that one may want to do as a protection against psychic or occultic attack. And what we should do is simply this: to earnestly strive with all the strength that we can muster and engender from our souls for purity and the Light. When we do this as a normal inner disposition a progressively stronger and stronger aura of light will envelope us forming a shield that cannot be broken or penetrated by any projection either from evil people or from the collaborators of powers of the darkness who foolishly claim that they own and rule the world.

In conclusion, a very important admonition was given by the Lord Jesus Christ in connection with the subject-matter of our contemplation. It is that we should watch and pray lest we fall in temptation. Temptation often precedes the attack of the darkness and it is easier to cope with temptation when a human being is armed with authentic spiritual knowledge that will sensitize one to the currents of the world with cognitive insight rather than mere religious knowledge.

There is always a world knowledge of difference between the two.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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