How can one know the true word of God in the midst of so many claims?

It has become, unfortunately, an identified pattern in human behaviour that man likes to make otherwise simple things, complicated, and then only later to struggle with it, to yet unravel its simplicity. In this fashion man makes everything harder for himself, and often difficult and insurmountable.

Anyone who truly believes in the existence of The Almighty God and Creator of all the worlds would also recognise perfection in all of Creation. Perfection is an attribute of the Godhead. That is the reason His Creation contains all things that man and all other creatures need in abundance and in perfect state.

Even scientists have got to the point of discovering that matter is indestructible. It is also known that spiritually you cannot change the Order or the Laws of Creation.

So a true Word of God, wherever it is found, must also obey this condition of perfection and as such be unchangeable. In other words, such source of Truth would not prescribe arbitrary proclamations, but must always conform with Divine Order and absolute perfection.

Importantly too, a true Word of God, can only be received through an Envoy of God, that is , through a Truth Bringer who comes directly from God Almighty. Any effort that is of men, either in seeking to understand the Word of Truth, or in seeking to keep a faithful account of what they were taught, will eventually have gaps and remain incomplete. Such efforts cannot be called the Word of God.

Also, the Word of God, which is the Truth, will be devoted towards man’s spiritual salvation, irrespective of his affiliations and personal choices. It will contain the knowledge of the Spiritual Laws that control affairs in Creation; helping man to understand his role and purpose in Creation. It will ultimately bring man the recognition of the existence of the The One Almighty God, Our Creator, Who does not judge man according to his creed and religion, but according to how he fulfils the Will of God in Creation through Thoughts, Words, and Deeds.


The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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