How can one attain real success and accomplish one’s dreams in life?

This question is of real concern to most people and organisations too. The typical interpretation is to assume that you are successful when you achieve what you set out to do, or achieve the organisation’s parameters of corporate goals.

Naturally one should feel good in such situations, but do they constitute the real essence of success? How come those attainments do not always translate to enduring happiness over a long period of time?

The simple reason is because it is not possible for one to attain success; but one could be successful in one pursuit or the other, in the present moment. In spiritual life, every success is only but a step ladder to a next higher task which must be accomplished with equal, if not more diligence than the former step.

In attaining true success, spiritually speaking, the end result, as well as the means towards it, should be united in one. If the means did not contribute to human happiness and up-building development in Creation, then it is impossible for its end to be justifiably called successful. The outcome must always be inseparably one with the actions that led to it; otherwise man would weave unfavourable threads of fate on his part which would ultimately nullify his so called successful accomplishments.

Success therefore should not be interpreted and defined as a state of attainment, or a last bus stop; rather it is the quality fulfilment of each task in accordance with the Will of God.

One should also consciously align one’s dreams and goals to conform with the over-all purpose of an earth life which is to attain spiritual development using the training school which the earth is. If one then consciously brings a spiritual meaning to bear in his actions, eventually he will attain heights of inner development and clarity that would guide him in personally redefining his dreams and goals; and eventually have a deeper and more vital understanding of success.

Success then would be found in the joyful gratitude that ripples out of the soul of man for being permitted to attain fulfilment in Creation, using the power and strength from on High. The one concerned would become humble. That could be a description of being successful. The journey starts with acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of Creation and the Spiritual Laws controlling affairs in it.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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