How can man permanently destroy the Devil?

It is not the task of man to destroy the Devil. In fact, to put it straight, it is not even possible for man to destroy, cast down, or restrain the Devil. It is one of the follies of the Pentecostal era to hear it bandied here and there that the Devil shall be destroyed. However, any close observer would have also noted the futility of such efforts. So far, as is very apparent, all the prayer warriors from one meeting to another, and amongst all countries of the world, have yet not succeeded in this task.

Each new gathering is casting and binding the Devil anew; the same task that they did at a previous gathering, and the same task others similarly minded tackled at their own prayer meetings.

In short, it is very futile for man to engage his efforts and time in seeking to destroy any Devil. It amounts to a time wasting trifling.

Lucifer, who later became called the Devil because of the wrong principle of temptation which he introduced, has a Divine origin. As such, his nature is stronger or higher both in origin and species than that of man which is spiritual. It is only one with the same origin or species as Lucifer that can restrain, not even destroy, Lucifer. That is why it is now disclosed in revealed spiritual knowledge that a Divine Being, who also has the task of establishing the New Kingdom of God on earth, through the on-going process of the Last Judgement, has bound Lucifer for a thousand years.

This period of binding and last judgement is to enable man to actively engage his intuition and spiritual volition for the good in loyalty and obedience to the Will of God Almighty; without any active influence from Lucifer or the Devil.

Man should therefore focus his energy and spiritual focus on freeing himself from the harmful effects of the Lucifer induced over-cultivation of the intellect; and consequential materialism—and seek for personal spiritual liberation through having the knowledge of the Laws of God in Creation, and actively leading his life in accordance to these Laws.

The tool for this is man’s free-will and intuition. Lucifer never forces any one to do evil; and so each person can resist the promptings of Luciferian influences, if only he wills strongly in his intuitive volition. Our Creator is so All Knowing and Loving that He cannot leave the fate of man to be determined by Lucifer.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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