How can I know when the intuition is speaking?

The intuition is the same as what is called the “inner voice”. This intuition is the spiritual part of man to which he can listen. The intuition speaks through the spirit in pictures! When it speaks, the spirit makes an impression on the back brain. The back brain takes these impressions like a photographic plate and forms with it a picture without words. This picture is then passed on to the frontal brain which then condenses the pictures into thoughts, words and deeds.

This is the normal way, but through the fall of man, this correct process has been reversed by man. Instead of the frontal brain taking directions from the back brain as directed by the spirit, the frontal brain was elevated to be the decision maker thus cutting off the spirit!

The pictures transmitted by the spirit as mentioned earlier is what people refer to when they say that “the first impression is always right”. Let me give you an example. You meet a person for the first time and you immediately get an impression or inner sensing to be careful. Later, or as your meeting progresses, you begin to look at the smart way the man is dressed and the car he has driven to the meeting. The first impression is thereby brushed aside through the judgement of the frontal brain, the source of our intellect. You deal with him and you suffer a big loss. In this example, you have failed to heed the first impression from your spirit but allowed your intellect to mislead you through the deceptive nature of the other person.

The intuition which is connected with the spiritual instantly recognised the true nature of the other person and did not allow itself to be deceived. It is absolutely impossible for the intuition to make mistakes. Only the intellect leads man astray! So man ought to listen to his “inner voice” which is his intuition and the spiritual part of man.

Furthermore, when we sleep, the spirit can make use of the back brain to speak to us in our dreams. Indeed if man were living in the right way, such dreams will be so clear and unconfused as direct experiences of the human spirit received by the back brain while the frontal brain rests in sleep. However, because of men’s over reliance on the frontal brain, it now happens that during the night the radiations of the frontal brain also affect the back brain. The simultaneous influence of the back brain by the spirit and the frontal brain however produces the confused dreams so very common today.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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