How can I discover my real purpose on earth?

This very simple question is however at the root of the entire existence of man; for man can only live meaningfully when he is able to discover and fulfil his purpose of existence!

Many a person finds himself caught up in the routines of daily living; and restricted by the demands of a job, supporting a family or by his financial and living situation. Many long and dream about a future of prosperity and the freedom it is thought to bestow; while some already in some kind of prosperity discover that even that is not enough to endow their lives with full meaning.

So even with all earthly attainments man finds to his surprise that certain inner vacuum or emptiness still exists, seeking to be satisfied.

Man will always find himself engaged in the rat race of fulfilling earthly demands, without an end to it, for as long as he does not recognise his real purpose on earth.

Put simply, man’s purpose on earth is to awaken to spiritual consciousness and being. This purpose is the main reason for the existence of the universe and our earth plane; as well as all that we have in it.

When man comes to the realisation of this true purpose, every other activity of his would take on new meanings. Supporting a family, having children and dependants, acquiring riches and material things…..all these would take new coloration; they would all be pursued in a manner that ensures they support man’s main purpose of attaining spiritual awakening. Man is meant to consciously connect his earthly activities to the spiritual purpose of his being, so that a deeper meaning flows into what he does.

Our main task of attaining spiritual development is facilitated through the knowledge of the Laws of Creation expressed in The Will of God; and contained in the Word of Truth brought to us through Truth Bringers. When man attains to this vital recognition, his earthly pursuits, skills and abilities would automatically yield greater beneficial effects in Creation. Man would live in greater harmony with Creation, and become an agreeable guest in it.

Also, man would gradually awaken in his appreciation of Creation, and happenings therein; and observe the unique orderliness, harmony, love and beauty which every part of Creation radiates. Being a part of Creation himself, man would eventually learn to exhibit these same qualities or attributes, as Creation teaches him, so that his whole life and existence rings forth like a jubilant song of gratitude to His Maker. It will then be such a man who, living on earth, does not accumulate evil karma and negative propensities which could hinder his ascent to the luminous Kingdom of His God, which we call Paradise.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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