Does the Almighty forgive?

From my understanding so far, whatever happens to us is a consequence of what we have done in the past.
Does it mean that there is no forgiveness from the Creator? Will there be no last day or day of reckoning where everyone will be held accountable for his deeds on earth?
Is there no life after death?

The Almighty is all forgiving. Man today however no longer knows the meaning of forgiveness. We now live in a world of distorted concepts where love for instance has come to be equated with lust and indulgence.

Love does not consider what will give the other person temporary pleasure only. Love considers what will bring him lasting benefits.

The Almighty is both Love and Justice, and as such, He is Perfect. The Love and the Justice are one and the same. In love, the Justice of the Almighty corrects one’s wrongdoing by making one experience the merits or demerits of one’s actions.

This situation is like when a child puts his hand in fire. The pain will teach the child to avoid fire. The nature of fire is to burn. If the fire did not hurt, the child would not remove his hand from it, and the hand would be irreparably damaged.

Therefore the Love of the Almighty helps us to justly reap what we sow – either good or evil. The principle is neutral, it merely acts on what man advances. This is the working of the “Law of Sowing and Reaping” which carries out the Justice and Love of God.

Forgiveness occurs when a man has duly reaped the consequences of his wrong actions. It is then as if it never happened since the balance sheet of creation has been ameliorated for him in that instance.

Another way through which forgiveness can occur is when a man wrongs a fellow human being and then asks for forgiveness from that individual. If the wronged person truly forgives, through the remorse felt by the offender, and the fact that the offended one forgives him, the offender may be freed from the guilt which would have formed darker threads around him and weighed him down.

Forgiveness therefore lies in the workings of the Laws of Creation, which bear the Will of God. And forgiveness is executed by the Holy Spirit which is the Executive Justice of God, and is expressed through the Laws of Creation. These laws are known on earth as “the Natural Laws.”

Jesus once spoke words to the effect that the sin against the Son can be forgiven, that the sin against the Father can also be forgiven but that the sin against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. This is because the Holy Spirit is the Justice and Law, which stipulates that “what you sow, you must reap” even if symbolically.

To expatiate a little bit on symbolic redemption, let us state as follows. Through the voluntary change for what is better and remaining steadfast by thought and deed, the good becomes more and more established in man himself, emerges from him and forms a protective circle around him capable of destroying the evil reaction pressing upon him as a result of his past misdeeds.

In view of this transformation, which is the same as being born anew, the actual inner man has become lighter so that he no longer has any attraction to the evil reactions from his past actions. Such evil reactions slide off the purity of his new surroundings and are thus deflected from him totally or depending on his inner change they only affect him to a minor degree. He may therefore redeem a very heavy retribution through an effortless symbolic action.

The “Last Day” or “Day of Reckoning” is currently on-going. It is a gradual process, which does not conclude within a 24 hour period. The “last day” is an era, it lasts for generations. During this period the world is purified, and Justice is globally enforced.

This happens through special spiritual currents which enter into Creation, and force man to adjust through the increased pressure. This pressure causes cycles to close more rapidly, and people reap the consequences of their misdeeds more speedily.

There is an increase and extension of the knowledge of life and existence amongst mankind today. This also is another important feature of this era wherein man is forced to acknowledge his misdeeds.

When a person is said to have “died” here on earth, what really happens is that the individual (who is actually a spirit cloaked in several soul bodies) lays aside his physical body, just as we drop our clothes when they are dirty.

The spirit then continues to exist in its soul bodies. This was also the form in which the individual had existed just before it entered its earthly mother’s womb. Therefore, there is no death as such; there is only a transition between two worlds.

What we call “death” on earth can be described as “birth” into the beyond. We all have lived several times on earth before. Due to the way we may have lived in past; we may have to return to learn further lessons for our spiritual development.

The relatively brief time we spend on earth is just a tiny fraction of our entire existence. The real life lies beyond the narrow confines of this low lying earth. Life continues after earthly death.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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