Does prayer help the dead?

Prayer is always beneficial. But it must be heartfelt prayer that originates from the inner core of man – from his spirit. Mere words spoken with whatever formulation and whatever passion or loudness of voice are not decisive for the efficacy of prayer. It is only genuine fervour, deep intuitive sensing of the spirit and, first and foremost, the purity of the prayer that can imbue it with the power to make connection to centres of light and power from where help can come.

When we speak of prayers for the dead in contrast to prayers for the living we must be clear about what we are actually saying. A “dead” person has not ceased to exist. That person has only made a transition from one plane of existence to another. The “dead” person is therefore pursuing conscious existence in what we refer to as the beyond.

Depending upon the actions of the departed one during its life on earth, it can, if it has lead a good life, be experiencing in higher planes of existence where peace and joy abound. On the other hand if it spent its life on earth doing evil or neglecting its opportunities for maturing and growth, it may well be the case that on casting aside its gross material cloak with physical death, it enters into planes of existence and experiencing that are difficult even times painful and arduous.

Whatever the condition of the soul – whether it is already experiencing joy and contentment or if it is going through painful and difficult experiences- heartfelt genuine prayers can only benefit the one to whom they are directed. For those already pursuing the right path, they will give them increased strength and power; to those persons going through difficult experiences, they can give strength to persevere or even help to bring clarity and answers to the predicament one finds himself.

Genuine heartfelt prayer can only be of benefit. However remember that, as in all things, the volition of the person to whom the prayer is directed remains decisive. If he is open, the prayers can find contact and bring the blessings they have to offer. If the person is closed however, then no matter how strong the prayer is it will not be able to connect with the intended person and bring the help and succour it would otherwise have offered.

In that wise, if we take the term “dead” in another context, in the spiritual context of the “quick” and the “dead”, the answer would be different. “Quick” in that sense refers to persons who have kept their ability to intuitively perceive alive. Their spirit is still awake. “Dead” in this context however refers to people who have irrevocably entered into “spiritual sleep” which ends with spiritual death. The latter have buried their spirits underneath a wall erected by their intellect, which covers the inner spirit spark and prevents it from expressing itself and making contact with the outside.

For such “lost ones” prayer may not help because they have blocked their spirits from connecting with light centres that can bring light and sustenance to their spirits. Help can only come if the gate is opened from within. The help can never be forced upon the one for whom it is meant.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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