Do people born as twins have shared destiny?

With respect to twins and multiple births, one must first express gratitude to the medical and scientific world for helping us solve what was earlier regarded as human aberration. Despite this medical breakthrough, however, some spiritual explanations need to be given with respect to the birth of twins.

We have repeatedly made references to the Perfect Laws of Creation, and explained that all activities of men are minutely governed by these Laws. Through the delicate operations and effects of these Laws every circumstance of birth is also determined.

In their operations, these Natural Laws take into consideration our past lives and use it to fashion how we are born, and into what earthly circumstances.

In the case of persons born as twins, they are most probably meant to experience life together following past spiritual ties. It could be a case of human souls who became tied or found themselves in close-knit activities or bond with one another in their past lives, and have now reincarnated for further mutual experiencing. The tie could be as a result of a happy, joyful and uplifting circumstance, or could also be as a result of an unhappy, sorrowful and bad circumstance. One would not be in a position to give specific examples here because myriads of threads of fate come into play in bringing about our circumstances of birth.

This being born together as twins, however, should not be interpreted to imply that the two souls have shared destiny. Each of the twins is a separate human spirit, with spiritual individuality and free-will. Also, each human spirit has a different path of fate and destiny to pursue, and this path of destiny continues to evolve and alter according to the activities of the individual. As such each of the twins ought to pursue his or her life path separately.

In this sense, each person has to face the personal development of his or her spiritual and physical personality, as an independent spiritual entity. Every human soul accounts personally to the Laws of Creation, and is judged as such!

The tendency to encourage twins to wear same dress style, follow same career and professional calling, and sometimes to marry twins and such other acts, may become spiritually harmful. Every soul should be free to develop its spiritual abilities and personality in an independent manner. No two human destinies are exactly the same, and this also applies to twins.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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