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Why are women more exposed to and manifest evil more than men?

Over time, the meaning of the word “evil” has changed considerably, especially in the last few centuries. Originally it was conceived as any form of immoral, dishonourable, base and corrupt act. However, as “evil” became distinctly worse, the state of humanity also influenced the meaning and it gradually evolved to acts that are seen as demonic, devilish, diabolic, fiendish, dark, and any form of strongly negative vibes of “non-physical” origin.

Unfortunately, these negative acts are generally more attributed to women than men. But why?

By nature, woman is more closely connected with the invisible Power of the Creator; and this Power, which silently flows through Creation first seizes woman as a result of her more delicate intuitive perception. Hence, woman is more psychically stronger than man by virtue of her nature and being. By her unique nature, woman carries within her the natural ability of noble and genuine womanhood, which forms a vital bridge designed to lead humanity to Paradise, our Spiritual Home. For woman to retain the Creative Power that flows through her on earth in order to fulfil her God-Willed mandate, she needs to cultivate grace as a virtue.

However, in his bid to subjugate the whole of Creation to his power, Lucifer aimed primarily at woman whom the Almighty Father endowed with special ability to further Creation through her delicate nature. Unfortunately, woman willingly fell into temptation without a ‘fight’ and thereby tore womanly dignity into the dust. Further on the downtrodden path, when woman sensed that she was losing the genuine spiritual ability, she willingly opted for the substitute offered her by Lucifer and his satellites; she decided to offer her physical charms and became a slave of fashion. This further led to her sinking and she gladly dragged down man along with her.

When a woman stands aright at her duty post by obeying the Will of the Most High God in her thoughts, words and actions, she ennobles her environment and as well serve as a ladder that humanity can climb on to reach a lofty height and fulfill the essence of living. But if she turns her gaze downwards, she is also a ladder to all that is impure and ignoble which exposes her to physical and non-physical/ethereal influences, much of which are evil. Hence, she attracts a lot of filth and dirt, becomes a channel for evil and evil manifestations. Due to the nature of woman, she is more at risk of such dangers and also the very first to overstep every limit. Sad enough, when a woman progresses in this downtrodden path, she is indeed worse than a man.

The state of womanhood at present determines the future of the people because her psychic condition influences her descendants more trenchantly than man. Therefore, there is much hope for humanity if only woman can retrace her steps. By virtue of her nature, once she regains her inner balance and strives towards all that is true and noble, she will only radiate love and goodness. And evil will find no root in her because standing aright in the Will of the Creator serves as her protection against evil influences.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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