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One’s destiny and overcoming witches

Why is it that the Almighty allows witches who meddle with one’s destiny to thrive and what can one do to overcome their evil influence?

The question of why the Almighty allows witches to thrive is common amongst men especially in this part of the world (Africa) where people seem to often engross themselves in thoughts of a dark and destructive nature and are thus under the pervasive influence of the same. However, it will be more appropriate for us to ask ourselves, why is it that we (human beings) allow witches to thrive amongst us and you will soon find out why this is so.

The sphere of influence of witches and evil influence is the earth and the material beyond which is the domain of the maturing human spirits who are meant to learn the Will of the Almighty Creator.

In order for human beings or human spirits to learn by experience and to develop this world, they require the ability to choose what experience they want or do not want. This ability was granted man by the Almighty and it is known as the Free-Will.

Man exercises his will freely as he makes various choices every day. The Almighty does not interfere in the decisions and choices that man makes with his own will. Man is therefore free to choose to be good or bad, wicked or kind etc. However, once this choice is made, the Will of God, which manifests on earth as the Natural Laws of Sowing and Reaping etc will act on man’s decisions and actions and bring him the appropriate consequences in form of destiny. Therefore man reaps what he sows be it in his thoughts, words or actions. Each man forms his own destiny either good or bad through the decisions he makes using his own free will.

Witches and all evil-doers are men and/or women who out of their own free-will have chosen to hurt their neighbours rather than love them. Just as the Almighty does not stop the person who slaps his neighbour physically, He does not stop the one who does it psychically either. They too are human beings like the others and will also reap what they sow and some may learn from their experience to also change and be good eventually. However, their evil influence cannot affect anyone who does not offer them a suitable ground for the anchorage and development of their evil wishes. Just like a maize seed cannot thrive on a dry table.

Therefore, the Almighty God had set up from the very beginning, a perfect and just system made up of the free-will and the laws which work on man’s decisions and actions and ensures that everyone gets only what he/she deserves. For the Almighty to interfere and selectively eradicate witches or evil doers will amount to arbitrariness, partiality, injustice and imperfection. To expect such injustice from the Almighty as we often do amounts to blasphemy. Therefore He does not do this. It is for this reason also that Jesus once reminded his disciples that “the Lord maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust…………be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect” as reported in the Bible.


Just as there are people who are very unlikely to find themselves in an environment or situation whereby they can be slapped physically, so also there are people who by their own inner spiritual standing will not find themselves in a place where they can be slapped psychically by a witch. Yet there are others who are readily available to the manipulation of witches and the evil wishes of their fellow human beings. All these happen through the exercise of each one’s free-will by himself or herself only. Therefore it can be said that the enemy one should seek to overcome is himself since he alone determines what others can do to him. This is so physically and even more so psychically.

The Grail Message advices that we should surround ourselves with good and positive thoughts, words and deeds at all times, these will form a protective wall around us that cannot be penetrated by the evil volition of others and thereby their evil influence becomes useless and it will soon wither away. They will therefore learn also to do only good as their evil wishes returns to them faster since it could not find a suitable soil in us and they suffer the consequences. Similarly, Jesus advised, “Love your enemies…do good to them that hate you” as reported in the Bible.

Also, we ourselves may have done some evil things in the past, when we were much younger or even in our previous earth lives that we now need to reap the consequences. If we surround ourselves with good as advised by the Grail Message now, when these evil karma returns to us, it will be redeemed symbolically and that which could have cut off a head may remove a cap. When this happens, we should be grateful. To lament is to give vent to darkness and to help it to thrive. The Grail Message tells us that “cheerful hearty laughter is the strongest antidote to darkness” the opposite also applies.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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