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Why should we watch and pray?

The admonition to watch and pray was given by the Son of God, Jesus, to His followers and disciples during His ministration on earth over two thousand years ago. Then it was an advice but today every human being that has the serious volition to want to serve God and to ascend to His Kingdom in Paradise must see a very serious warning in this advice that Jesus gave to mankind long ago. It is a warning that cannot be taken too seriously.

Jesus was sent to the earth because all human creatures had succumbed to the darkness through their wrong-doing and deliberate departure from the path of the Laws of God’s Will. When He started His mission as given to Him by His Father He saw vividly the pervasiveness of the darkness on earth and the strength of its grip on the souls of men. He saw mankind in the cold grip of the darkness but then the liberating Word of God thundered out of His mouth to loosen and break this life-stifling grip. He went out His way to seek out all those who are crying to God under the bondage of sin and in the process Jesus, the Son of God, confronted the powers of the darkness frontally.

From the records in the Bible we have accounts of His personal experiences in this confrontation as He reached out to rescue and deliver human creatures who has fallen into the traps of the darkness. For all these acts of deliverance and rescue He never demanded or expected any reward or acknowledgement from mankind because they did not send him in the first place. But what He wanted to see, and legitimately too, was for all those that the Word of His Father had redeemed not to fall again into the trap of temptation which the darkness would always throw unto the path of those striving for the kingdom of God. He was concerned about the safety of His sheep and as the good shepherd besought His Father to grant the grace of the protection of His omnipotence over them. But He did not want them to foolishly walk into the trap of temptations which the darkness will relentlessly set all over the place.

Therefore to watch as He admonished is to be intuitively alert and perceptive to sense the schemes in the tempting currents of the darkness. To pray is to maintain a strong and vital link through single-minded devotion to God’s Holy Will. And in devotion and loyalty victory through watching and praying is assured anyone who is earnestly striving for God’s kingdom.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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