Can destiny be inherited from one’s parents? Can prayer affect destiny?

Destiny cannot be inherited. Each individual is solely responsible for his or her destiny. One cannot be held spiritually responsible for the actions of one’s parents as they equally cannot be held spiritually responsible for the consequences of our actions as their children.

Destiny comes about as a result of the way and manner in which we intuitively perceive and by so doing guide Divine power to good or evil purpose. If we guide it towards the good it will be enhanced and radiate positively around us and brighten our environment. If we guide it for the bad, then our environment will become sombre and dark, and evil will surround us.

Not only that though; everything which we intuitively perceive takes on form and is connected to us by threads of radiation and will, with time, close its cycle and return back to us bringing back as fruit a thousand-fold of that which we originally sowed for ourselves. It is simple and a result of the Law of Reciprocal Action, the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

However coming back to the question, it may well be that this question has arisen out of the fact that one can observe sometimes that certain character traits which are characteristic of one or both parents can be seen in the children and also that a similar fate that overtook one or both parents also overtakes one or many of the children i.e. as if they share a “common destiny”.

Now the observation as to the similarities is correct but the interpretation is wrong. The children are not inheriting the karma of the parents. What one is seeing manifesting is the effect of another Law of Creation which is the Law of Homogeneous Species which simply says that “like will be attracted to like”.

In this particular circumstance, human spirits, when incarnating, are often drawn to parents who are similar to them in their spiritual maturity and the good qualities as well as bad qualities which they carry. When the child grows up these similarities become obvious, but the reason being given to explain their occurrence which that “it is in the blood”, that is, it is something genetically transmitted from father to son or mother to daughter is erroneous.

No spirit can pass on anything of its nature to another. What is manifesting is the Law of Homogeneity; that it was a spirit of similar homogeneity to the mother or father that was attracted to the family and incarnated when the opportunity was given by the parents.

The similarities in destiny can also be explained from this perspective. Being of similar nature, the reciprocal action arising out of the sowing of such a human spirit will because of the homogeneity of both parties evidence some similarity because they see things the same way and may in similar circumstances carry out actions of a similar kind because of the similarities in their nature.

Prayer can affect destiny but only if the person to whom the prayer is directed has already himself started to walk along the path of reformation and is seriously striving to do good and make up for past errors. If the person is treading this path then genuine prayers can support and help the one being prayed for. If the person for whom the prayer is intended is still pursuing evil however, prayers cannot help because the person through his dark and evil environment does not offer the prayer the possibility to penetrate, anchor and bring about change.

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