Can a person block another person’s fortune?

This is a question which must really be seen as very relevant in our environment where at the slightest opportunity, one must point accusing fingers at external forces for the source of his or her challenges. But the answer is a deliberate “No” . No harm can come to any one without that person himself or herself lowering the spiritual bridge. What am I saying here? It is not possible for your fortunes to be blocked by another person because fortunes are the returning seeds of harvest from your previous sowings.

The Grail Message, “In the Light of Truth”, explains the mechanism of reciprocal activity of the weavings of the Laws of Creation, and shows clearly that every deed of man is like a seed which he has sown into the soil of Creation. And there will always be harvest, and often times in multiples coming from that seed sown.

It is, however, possible for an individual who is no longer pure inwardly or active in spirit to have a dark surrounding or aura which can delay the blessings or fortunes coming to him or her and even provide the soil for dark currents from evil men to reach such a person. This is possible through another Spiritual Law which is called the Law of Homogeneity, that is like attracts like. So the moment someone is no more in the same state or likeness as the fortunes that should naturally come back to him from his seeds that he has sown before, he will notice delays.

And this is the reason that the Author of The Message enjoins every serious seeker to constantly keep the hearth of his thoughts pure. If you strive to maintain purity in your thoughts and deeds no harm can reach you because automatically your inner state, which is pure, will create a natural gulf between yourself and every evil influence or current around you.

Even if you experience difficulties it will only bring you eventual blessings because you also learn in maturing through those difficult times to even face the good fortunes or the times of harvest of fortunes that will come to you later on.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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