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Can destiny be inherited from parents?

This sort of question could easily arise when man views an earth life only from the physical, material point of view. But is should be stated again and re-emphasised that real life for man is that which is spiritual, because man is on earth mainly for spiritual experiencing and development.

While here on earth, every person; old or young, man or woman, is viewed in the eyes of the Laws of God, or what we can The Laws of Creation, as an individual spiritual entity. This individual spiritual entity called man or woman; child or adult, has the personal spiritual free-will to take decisions and carry out actions of varied kinds. It is the totality of all decisions and actions carried out by each person that become one’s destiny.

In other words, destiny is the result of each person’s expression of his or her personal will in decisions, choices and actions carried out within the workings of the Laws of Creation. What could sometimes be seen to appear as similarities of experiencing between persons; as between children and their parents, does not in any way mean an inheritance of destiny by the children. Everyone is tied to his or her own destiny; which the person weaves personally through expressions of personal spiritual volition in thoughts and deeds.

This is also how it is possible for one to change his or her destiny, by changing the decisions, choices and actions one takes. The challenge here, though, is that man is always impatient and wants to see quick changes, forgetting that he may have a long chain of things in his existing destiny which will require much time to re-fashion or alter.

As far as one’s parents are concerned, what may seem like mutual or similar destiny; or as the question states: ‘inherited destiny’, is the working of the spiritual Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species. This Law ensures that souls in the Beyond seeking for an opportunity of an earth-life would be attracted and, as it were, dragged to parents with similar traits, so that there would be mutual experiencing for good or for bad; with the ultimate end of bringing spiritual development.


The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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