Are there spiritual explanations for the many problems and challenges of development in Nigeria?

Of course yes; everything came into existence and is maintained through the Spiritual Laws of Creation. Nigeria, as a country, is no exception; as such Nigeria is subject to the effects of the perfect Laws of Creation.

When you talk of problems and challenges of development in Nigeria, one’s attention should immediately be directed at the peoples of Nigeria. The peoples of Nigeria collectively determine the spiritual direction of Nigeria – either upwards or downwards – according to their expressed spiritual and thought volitions.

In other words, the over-all fate of Nigeria is determined through the conducts of her citizens, be they politicians in leadership positions, civil and public servants at duty posts house wives who only concentrate on the tasks of bringing up children or the artisan or daily labourer who feeds from hand to mouth. The collective way we voice our thoughts and express our volition in deeds – either positively or negatively – impact directly on Nigeria.

How many citizens of Nigeria remember each day to reflect and spare a prayerful thought towards the spiritual and material welfare of the country? Rather everyone carries on as if the bulk of the problems must be solved by others – and so as we continue to shift the blame, the country steadily descends into deeper problems.

The way out! Each citizen of Nigeria has to realise that he or she is occupying a space requiring certain fulfilment. It will help the country greatly if this small space that is each person’s task is fulfilled in a noble way. The multiplier effect of such noble deeds and accomplishments will ultimately bring the change in the affairs of things in Nigeria.

Also, we should all remember that words and thoughts have spiritual life and do manifest into realities. Every citizen of Nigeria should bear this in mind always, and therefore avoid making negative utterances about Nigeria; after all there is no entity called Nigeria which is totally divorced from her citizens.

The collective name Nigeria manifests the results of the joint volitions and actions of the citizens. It is not Nigeria that kidnaps people and asks for ransom before they will be released. It is also not Nigeria that takes bribe to frustrate things. It is not Nigeria that steals public funds meant for infrastructural development and stash away in foreign bank accounts. It is not Nigeria that is greedy and selfish in transactions involving two or three persons.

So invariably the citizens have to change so that Nigeria may move forward.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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