At what age or stage should a man or woman marry or get married?

This question falls within the personal prerogative of the individual person. Indeed even the decision to marry at all or not also is one that each individual must personally and carefully assess before he or she ventures to take one step or the other. This is because marriage can create a strong bond between two individuals; which bond can extend beyond this material creation leading right up to the Spiritual. In effect, it can determine or influence one’s entire spiritual journey, can make it lighter and smoother or create difficulties and may even become an impediment.

So, it is a matter that each one must assess most carefully and minutely for himself alone.

The question as to at what age is also of significance because marriage has implied obligations, duties or responsibilities. The first obligation is to understand and appreciate what marriage is all about.

Marriage is not a casual association into which one may enter and exit at the least incident. It should be a union between two mature adult male and female. I have deliberately stated “between two adult male and female” because that is how Creation has ordained it. Any other arrangement or contraption like to so-called same sex marriages amounts to an aberration and a misnomer which does not qualify as right marriage before the Spiritual Laws of Creation. The word “adult” suffices as a broad guideline and people should also observe acceptable guidelines prescribed in the laws of each community as it is easy, for instance, to draw a line between one who is a child and therefore needs help, guidance and support and unfit for marriage and a mature person who can take personal responsibility, take up duties and fulfil all obligations pertaining to a proper marriage.

Perhaps, as a hint, it needs be stated that in a marriage all selfish desires must be put aside. Each one is meant to live in a way that will bring joy and happiness to the other, nourishing thereby a silent vow to mutually strive towards spiritual perfection or maturity and ultimately be able to get back to Paradise, our spiritual home.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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