Is silence golden?

Man’s real purpose on this earth is to be an intermediary between the higher spiritual planes and the world of matter where we find ourselves at the moment. Being by virtue of his inner core of spiritual origin, he can attract the spiritual currents coming from these higher planes and gather, absorb, process and transmit them upwards back to their point of origin. His activity allows for the coming closer together of the spiritual with the material and a spiritualising of the latter.

In this process man’s spirit core, which expresses itself through the intuition, operates like a lens that captures the rays coming from the spiritual and through its will concentrates and sends them out either to uplift and work beneficially or to pollute drag down and destroy if the intent of the intuitive volition is evil.

This power of the intuitive volition however is nurtured and gains strength through silence. It is in silence that the intuition grows, takes on form and in breaking through our aura now starts to exert its influence on our environment. When people speak of someone as having charisma or being charismatic it is their experiencing of this process that they are giving expression to. Like magnets, we human spirits attract to us similar forms and currents as those, which we let arise within us expressed as desires or wishes issuing from our volition.

Besides the aforementioned however, there are other reasons for agreeing with the adage “silence is golden”. Good ideas, flashes of intuition or “insight” usually come to us in moments of quiet, calm contemplation, moments of silence and inner peace. That is the environment, which is the best soil for the implanting of such seeds of genius and wondrous insight.

Again each one of us has, imperceptible to our physical senses, a spiritual helper by our side who can, if we allow it to, give us advice and support. Its quiet promptings, which form part of that which we call our conscience, are best appreciated and “heard” when we are keeping silent.

Interestingly enough, it is the person who is able to keep silent, that one feels most comfortable with and who awakens our trust and confidence. The opposite is the case with people who talk too much and are generally loud and garrulous. One tends to avoid such persons and mistrust them.

Having said all the above however, the impression should not be created that at all times one must not speak. If someone tells a lie against you or someone else or makes assertions that are wrong, you can and should correct the false impression that the person is trying to disseminate without however becoming confrontational in the process. Keeping quiet in the face of someone who is belittling your deepest beliefs and convictions is cowardice and could be taken to mean that you share the views being expressed. Stand up and speak out for the truth at all times.

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The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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