How do you feel when a little boy cuddles up to you, asks you for something and as soon as he gets it, he rushes away to play. Only to return again when he wants something else! I recall my earlier correspondence with my father while in boarding school. It was usually to ask for money urgently for one thing or the other. Then I sign off. While this one-sided asking can be overlooked in children, it is inexcusable in adults, who ask, nay demand, one thing or the other and walk away as soon as their need is met, without a word of appreciation as if one owes them this favour. Such a person is not likely to meet with our favour when next he comes.

But this is exactly our attitude with the Most High. We adopt a fire brigade attitude in our prayers to Him. We usually pray when we need something or are in one difficulty or the other. Yet in His great love, He still answers our prayers even though we hardly thank Him for His goodness.

Let us address what actually happens when we thank Him. This prayer of thanksgiving, if it is earnest, is passed on from plane to plane by faithful Servants who pass this on to the Throne of Grace. No one in this chain will keep to himself, adoration, worship or thanksgiving that is meant for The Creator.

On the other hand, our so-called prayers, which are usually petitions are attracted to homogenous centres where beings who swing in that particular essence mediate help to the needy. Should it be courage, health, wisdom, whatever man petitions for there are Substantiate mediators that take care of those needs.

Or do you have nothing to be grateful for? From the small things to big ones, from deliverance from major catastrophes, and even some interventions that we don’t know about, all these deserve thanks.

For the gift of life, to the continued and persistent helps from the Lord Who sent a chain of Prophets and Called Ones to ensure our steady spiritual development and when this was not enough to the sending of His Son – Jesus, to blaze a trail of Light through the darkness that was fast encompassing the earth. We need to thank Him. But you thank Him more when in your actions you show kindness to your neighbour and try to live in accordance with God’s laws. Then we can grow to become His children and partake of His Kingdom which one day will also be on earth.

On the earthly plane, think of the benefits that flow to a child that is grateful. Or a man who earnestly shows gratitude to his benefactor. Think of the goodwill such a gesture can unlock for him in future predicaments. Then cast you gaze upwards and imagine, what a deluge of blessings gratitude can unlock for us from on High.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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