How do we explain the presence of a black sheep in a good family?

It is a puzzle when we notice that some good parents have among their similarly good children one who strangely turns out to be utterly different from the rest. This offspring will be the one to give the family many sleepless nights and they are often referred to as the black sheep of the family.

There is a Law that the Almighty has placed in His Creation called the Law of Attraction of similar things. This Law ensures that every human spirit is brought to the place where he belongs without mistakes. So, the popular proverbs “Birds of the same feather flock together” and “like father, like son” appears to have been sensed from this Primordial Law. Following from this, one can observe in ones surroundings that people who have similar interests for example a particular sport, lifestyle or social status tend to come together as friends. In families we also see that similar natural talents such as the ability to make music or similar choice of profession are noticeable. It is not the case that these similar characteristics are inherited by children from their parents, but the operation of the aforementioned Law of Attraction brings about the possibility that human spirits who desire to be incarnated on earth are automatically attracted to parents of a similar nature.

Going by what has been said so far, it is to be expected that good parents should naturally attract good children. Yes, this is how it should be. But already for thousands of years mankind by living in the Darkness have extended their hands to dark spheres where dark human spirits live, making it possible for these fallen ones to incarnate on earth! So that presently, more than half of all men living on earth now do not belong here at all!

Now, when it comes to incarnations, it may well happen that a darker soul can easily take the place which rightly belongs to a good soul since luminous souls must retreat from where the Darkness has gained a firm foothold. In such a case the dark soul has found a link through some body near the prospective mother, enabling it to push aside the light soul even when mother or father are good. This is the solution to the riddle of the presence of the black sheep sometimes found in good families.

In order to avoid this however, a mother to be needs to watch and pray, paying careful attention to her thoughts and her immediate surroundings and those with whom she associates. If she acts in this way, a black sheep cannot be attracted.

The explanation given in this article is based on the author’s understanding of the Work “In The Light of Truth”, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.
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